Random Thoughts . . .

Okay, it’s late summer.  Late summer is when I watch a lot of television.  The DVR is the best invention ever for me from July through late September.  Currently, I’m watching: “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Design Star,” “Project Runway,” and “Food Network Star (or something close to that).” Additionally, I’ve discovered “Dance Moms” and an upcoming series that is much like SYTYCD and Food Network, but for artists.  Check Bravo.  We watched the end of the season last year with my mom while we are at the beach.  
I really like shows that show people who have an actual talent for something. It’s inspiring even when I know I lack that kind of drive or talent – thinking about food shows here.  I love food.  I love watching people who love food make food.  I’m NOT that person.  Fortunately, I married that person.  
So You Think You Can Dance is the lower-rated dance show on television.  Dancing With the Stars can be fun, but ugh.  SYTYCD is about truly talented dancers.  This season is amazing.  It’s not a show I’d watch with young-ish kids without previewing.  Some of the dances are kind of out there taste-wise.  But overall, it’s a testament to what true athletes dancers are.  Your mileage my vary – but  I will say the older boys will stop and watch and often ask me to rewind.  What these dancers do is truly amazing.  
Design Star?  I’ve watched this every season.  I have to say I’m disappointed with this season.  Anyone else watching?  So far it seems like they should retitle the show Shopping Star.  Heck, if that’s what it’s come to, give me $15,000 and I can make a beautiful kitchen too – with a FULL backsplash.  I want to see people who can actually think on their feet and do something.  I don’t care who picked out the best lighting fixture or the best coffee table or the worst bench.  I’m kind of hating the show so far this year.
Project Runway? I love fabric.  I love texture.  I love watching people who actually know how to construct things make clothes.  Sure, they’re not clothes I’d ever wear. But, I love watching the process.  This is another show I’ve watched since the beginning.  I’m kind of over Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi Klum – I think they need to mix up the judging a bit more.  Nina especially ticks me off as she, herself, never, ever actually looks any more interesting or different from show to show.  Tim Gunn, keep him.  He makes me smile.
“Dance Moms?” Yikes – I thought Toddlers and Tiaras was bad. Who are these people who allow themselves and their children to be followed around by cameras for months on end.  The women are scary, scary, scary.  The kids seem nice enough, but confused about what their moms want and what their obese dance teacher wants.  It’s everything bad in the world on one tv show.  I don’t know that I’ll watch again after last week.  

In that spirit, I’ve been bored out of my mind all summer.  I really need to come up with a plan for my old age. Saturday, I started on that road and got all my hair cut.  I think I like it – still learning to fix it.  Long story, but I ended up getting an expensive haircut from my mail-lady’s son at a rock bottom price.  I think he was more excited about my hair than I was.  Here’s a picture late at night the first night it was cut.  Not it’s best, but you get the idea.  It’s strange to not have wild curls waving all around my head.  And, it’s much cooler in this heat. 

What are you all watching, reading, listening to?  Mike and the boys are into Swamp People and Pawn Star.  We’re lucky to have two televisions!

One thought on “Random Thoughts . . .

  1. I am on a Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum kick. I had read one or two of them before. Read #15 on vacation and decided to start at 1 and make sure that I had read them all. Slowly I am finishing them all up.

    I am also reading Emily and Einstein or it might be called Einstein and Emily…kind of a heaven can wait type book only the guy gets a second chance in an unexpected body. So far I like it.

    I am reading a lot of books with Sean and Alexander too.

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