Welcome August 10!!!!!  August 9 marks the 7th anniversary of Mike getting VERY sick.  In the Emergency Department, when the doctors finally figured out what was going on, they insisted I call family and friends.  After a long 7+ weeks, Mike came home.  He barely made it and to this day he can be in Home Depot or the grocery store and nurses or technicians who worked on him back then will stop and shake his hand and say what a miracle he is.  Lucky Mike!  He remembers none of it, thanks to his lil’ box o’ morphine.  😉 The kids remember a lot more, and I remember a WHOLE  lot more than the kids.  I’m thankful it’s so far behind us and Mike is perfectly healthy.  We are a lucky family. I post a reminder every year because 1) it is on my mind and 2) the support I received from so many, many “imaginary” online friends was beyond tremendous.  I will never forget the prayers and emails and gifts and encouragement I received late, late at night or early, early in the morning from people I “know” but have never met.  Thank you all again.  Here’s to the next seven years!  (This, of course, is a pic of the boys this winter.  Danny was 11 when Mike got sick – I thought he was so grown up.  Ian and Tim were 10 and Andy was 4.)

9 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Goodness! We just moved down there. I remember hanging out with the boys while you were running around. They were awesome even then. I was so excited to reconnect with you and get to know the boys. Thrilled to get to know Mike, eventually.

  2. WOW has it really been 7 years?

    I was pregnant with Sean, had my roof destroyed by three hurricanes, Alexander got pneumonia and I still feel guilty didn't even know he was THAT sick, then he broke his arm getting out of the kitchen chair, gave birth without drugs (lucky for you, not on your couch).

    No, I am not fond of 2004 (except for my baby being born) and it really doesn't compare at all to what you, the kids, and Mike went through.

  3. Can not believe it's been that long (and yet so recent, you know?) my virtual friend. There were certainly a lot of Well Trained Prayers (!) on ya'll's behalf. So glad you had a great outcome!

  4. Wish I had been down there with the kids, we coulda sat in the sliding glass doorway and drank wine 'til the hurricane blew over. Or drank hurricanes til the wine blew over or something.

    Love ya sis!!!

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