Woohoo – it’s Sunday tomorrow!!!!

I spent all day thinking it was Sunday.  Imagine my delight and surprise to find out it was only Saturday this evening!!!!!  I feel like it’s leap year or something.  
My mom, the cousins (Jamie, Mitchell and Jesse), Ian, Andy and I went to the beach on Thursday.  :::sigh:::: I miss the beach.  I’ve been so few times this year.  It was TEXAS hot, but the water was cool and wonderful.  I’m so glad I remembered to bring rash guard t-shirts for everyone.  We spent all day in the sun and no one had a sunburn.  Did I mention the awesome water?  No strong current.  Great boogie board-type waves and it was cool and refreshing!!!!!  We had a great day.  I’m ready to go back now.  Ian took this picture of my mom.  I love it. 
We started school for a week and stopped school for cousin-week. We start up again Monday.   I’m really trying to figure out some options for Andy.  I gave him some choices this evening and told him to think it over – he’s a thinker!  He’s on board to do flag football with Mike this fall.  I offered him musical theater, swimming or 4H or something he can come up with.  Cross your fingers, folks. My vote is for swimming – he’s built for it and I think he’d like it once he gets going.  But, I’ll go with whatever.  (If you have a car you’re not using, please send it our way lol.)

I’m afraid as I get older my already strong opinions are getting stronger.  Since late 2007, I’ve tried hard to be moderate and keep my opinions to myself for the most part. There’s nothing I’m going to say to anyone that is going to change their mind.  I figure if I respect their opinion it’s all good.  However, I think 10+ years of homeschooling has ruined me for polite society.  I hope I did not permanently piss off my neighbor this evening.  She was lamenting her 7th grader’s schedule and activities and the lack of hours in the day.  I kept asking “WHY” is he doing this or that?  How does it benefit him?  Does he enjoy it?  I dunno.  I’ve been through three middle school kids.  Middle school is there for a reason – they HAVE to learn certain things to move into high school work.  Beyond that, you want them to come out intact as human beings.  Middle school, in my opinion, is NOT the time or place to apply pressure. It’s 2-3 years a kid has to survive.  If college is the goal, they do NOT look at middle school.  EVER.  Just let them wallow in their hormones and figure out the new way to deal with your newly hormonal kid.  If you can get through the middle-school years, it’s not smooth sailing, but it’s much saner.  I just feel so sad for people who feel pressure to have their kids perform at the TOP in every grade.  What are your experiences with middle-school aged kids?

3 thoughts on “Woohoo – it’s Sunday tomorrow!!!!

  1. I am going to get a t shirt made that says

    I HEART AMY!! In Japanese of course.. We scraped by the middle school years.. It is such a rough time for kids and parents. We have moved into high school and full swing into ROTC!

    I think for the next 3 I will spend their middle school days intoxicated!! And, living on the beach with YOU!

  2. The middle school years are the worst! My daughter was in school through 7th grade and then we pulled both kids to homeschool. I could see I was losing her to the culture of that time.

    As as unschooling family I certainly am in agreement about just letting them be through those years. Hormones. Enough said. Both of my kids became easier to be around once they were about 14. Well, then there is that whole 15 year old boy thing. “What's wrong?” “NOTHING!! Stop badgering me!” Ahh Thank God those days are over!

  3. I think a decade of homeschooling ruins us all. 🙂 Seriously, doing something while reading about it and talking to others about it for a full freakin' decade gives us some sort of expert status, doesn't it? And experts get to State Opinions. It's part of the gig. Anyway, maybe she'll think about what you said and give the kid a break. Or else *sigh* she'll decide that a homeschool mom couldn't possible get it.

    Change in the world starts with me, and I'm doing my best to change those around me. ;-D Anyway, for what it's worth, *I* appreciate you.

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