Homeschooling and fun stuff . . .

We’re into week three of Andy’s school year.  Well, technically, we are.  Last week was kind of a mid-tri-week break since his cousins were in town and we opted for the beach and bouncing on trampolines and running wild here.  Cousins are good.  And, since we don’t have room to house the cousins while my mom does, hanging out with my mom for a week is really good.  
This week, we’re back to “school-school.”  It’s weird just having one kid to concentrate on everyday. Ian and Tim still have two “classes” here with me, but they’re pretty relaxed and definitely NOT day-to-day.  I was worried we took too long of a break, but Andy is proving me wrong.  He remembers math and Latin and even some grammar.  
We’ve started “Middle School Science.”  Here at the Baker Academy, that means working through Alton Brown #1 and Alton Brown #2.  Both books contain a lot of good science – with fun pictures no less – and with a basic science text, you can round it all out.  Additionally, the kid learns how to cook and bake (kid may not like it, but he’ll know how to do it when all is said and done).  As added torture, I teach them basic sewing, laundry and cleaning skills through middle school.  Andy has already been through this drill simply because he lives here and knows most of it, but we’ll do it again.  

Dan, who will be gone in TEN days actually asked for a crock pot and went out and bought his own set of pots and pans.  Go figure.  Something sunk in.  I think.  We’ll see what his roommates are saying in December!

One thought on “Homeschooling and fun stuff . . .

  1. Hi Amy ~ we are going to do the Alton Brown science with you. I need to get with you about that soon. We're not quite back to 'school-school'.

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