So glad all my kids read well!!!!!

Guess where Andy and I went this afternoon?  Go ahead . . . I’ll wait.
That’s right.  We went to WalMart – though for this story, we could have gone to any store that sells groceries.  I despise shopping during hurricane season.  I have to abandon my usual pattern of shopping because it only takes one good storm to lose everything in a freezer.  (Ask me how I know.)
So, these days, we’re doing a lot of pantry-shopping and filling-in-as-we-go-shopping.  
Fortunately, Mike excels at shopping with a list and he’s been doing most of it since the end of May.  Me and a list – eh, not so much. There are too many shiny, sparkly, tasty things to add to the cart.  Andy is more like Mike.  He was holding the list and he approved the 5/$3 movie candy purchase.  
We found a reasonably short check-out line and began unloading. As a family, we’re compulsive readers – cereal boxes, labels, tabloid headlines and magazine tags in check out lanes.  Andy was anxious to get out of the store and was much more focused on unloading the cart than I was.  I was reading magazine tags.  A woman with three little kids, the oldest maybe about 7-ish came up behind me.  Cute kids.  The 7-year-old and I found the same tag at the same time.  I read and kind of choked.  He sounded it out VERY loudly and I thought his mom was going to DIE.  The tag?

“What Your Va-Jay-Jay is Dying to Tell You.”  I have to say, whoever is teaching this child to read is doing a great job – he sounded it out perfectly.  And, I have to say, Cosmo, you win.  Just when I think your covers can’t get any sleazier, you come up with a new one.  Gah!!!!!  The mom of the young reader handled it well – “Here, honey, look at this shiny thing over here!!!!”  I feel like I got out clean because Andy missed it entirely. 

One thought on “So glad all my kids read well!!!!!

  1. HA HA!! Ok, that is a new one for me…

    We read everything.. We even try to read Japanese words. I am sure we are messing it up all the time!

    I HEART Andy!!

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