It’s me or something about me . . .

I attract people.  I find this strange as I really don’t like most people.  I don’t dislike them, I just don’t seek them out.  Went to WalMart today.  :::sigh::: I’ve almost reached my limit with the people using the SNAP cards (aka food stamps).  I cannot remember the last time I stood in line at a grocery store where I haven’t watched someone buying 1) total crap food for really young kids (this from a woman who loves Wonder Bread and Spaghettios) OR 2) buying totally awesome food that I can never afford. (This from a woman who loves a good steak)  
Today I witnessed a very young woman (who kept looking at me for approval) with three very young children buying groceries with her clearly meth-addicted boyfriend. This guy was so scary and sad and mostly scary that he was around those young kids. They had a cart filled with complete garbage. Frozen bagel bites, taquitos, burritos – you know, stuff wasted people like to eat in the middle of the night.  For the kids?  I’m guessing she does WIC as well because there was no milk or cheese or anything.  Just marshmallow fluff, popsicles, a variety of soda and cookies.  I tried to tell her how I remembered how hard it was to be stuck with three really little kids.  I dunno.
I was so torn.  One, the mom was really, really young.  Maybe 21.  The youngest kid was maybe 3 months old.  STILL she had enough cash to buy a couple of bikini tops and a six pack.  BUT, the father was so scary and so strung out . . . That is not the kids’ fault.  Yet, the parents both had “smart phones.” 
And there I am buying chicken parts I don’t particularly care for and dried beans. I’m sharing a phone with three kids.  That’s what we can afford right now and it’s working just fine -tricky sometimes, but just fine.  But, we DO pay taxes as a family and as a business and WHY am I paying for their sodas and junk food and all the other crap?  I was so upset and angry when I left the store today. I don’t want kids going hungry.  I never let my own kids go hungry.  But, why am I still shopping the clearance aisles and these folks are checking out while they wait for their SNAP cards to clear?? Something is so very wrong with this picture.  To top it off, as I loaded up my 1998 Suburban, they were tossing their kids into a shiny, new Toyota Sequoia.  And, yes, I mean they were tossing them in, not a car seat in the car. 
Ugh.  And, to type this out makes me sound ugly and mean and I’m not.  (Well, I guess ugly is relative.) I just don’t think the current system is working to help anyone.  

Later tonight, our newish-neighbors stopped by with a Rottweiler they’d found loose on their walk.  They had scoured the neighborhood looking for her home with no luck and wanted to know if I could take her for the night.  They are planning to take her in to see if she has a chip tomorrow morning.  We gave it the good two-hour-college try.  She is a nice (huge, powerful) dog, clearly well-trained, but equally clear was that she was used to being the ONLY dog in the house.  Once she and Cally started snarling at each other, we had to take her back  down to the neighbors.  I hope they’re doing okay – they have three dogs already and Miss Rottweiler is not going to be an easy addition.  I feel bad for not keeping her, but I have no interest in hosting dog fights either. And, yet, I wonder, I’m not the only neighbor with a dog or even two dogs.  They came here first. And now I feel bad.

2 thoughts on “It’s me or something about me . . .

  1. You said it all very well. I can identify with all that you felt and have been in very similar situations. I don't know what the answer is, but clearly we haven't “arrived” at it yet. Hugs.

  2. I would HAPPILY have my tax dollars buy actual food (even steak, if that's how they chose to spend it) for families in need. But it kills me to see boxes of cereal and processed garbage on the band when someone on assistance checks out. I'd love to be in charge of the “what you can buy with food stamps” dept. I'd just set it at “nothing with more than two ingredients.” Our country is so very ill from the “food” we eat.

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