Need help – quick!!!!

OK – the plan was for me to take Dan to Florida State on Saturday, early in the morning.  Plans change.  He can get into his apartment on Thursday.  This will give him a couple of days to look for a job and get settled.  Gah. Fine, but my plan was to give him a notebook with some ree-sypes (what the kids call them) for one.  I have a couple of ideas.  I’m sure you all have more.  No allergies, no aversions to anything.  What did you live on when you were in college?  The good, the bad and the ugly are all welcome.  Any additional tips for someone living on their own the first time would be appreciated as well.  

I KNEW he was leaving.  Something about him leaving two days early is fuh-reaking me out.  He’s really going to go off and live his own life. I know this is what we’ve been working for, but it’s kind of a punch in the face.  It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was calling my mom all freaked out because Danny was taking books to park days and opening and propping open some of the other books and “reading” the books to the characters in the other books that were propped open.  Go figure.  No one beat him up. And, now he’s all living in an apartment and taking classes and having a job and just WHERE does mom fit in??????  (Everyone say I prayer that I don’t turn into the mom on Everybody Loves Raymond)

6 thoughts on “Need help – quick!!!!

  1. Matt lived on convenience food and Publix subs. Fun. He was lucky enough to have a car there most times to shop. My daughter actually cooked in their little Carolina Square apartment. They did NOT have a car for the first two years. Shopping was a bit of a pain in the butt. Think empty backpacks, a bus ride, a walk, shopping, FULL backpacks, bus ride and a bit of a walk. Good thing they were young.

  2. Remember, this was the goal – to have a fully functioning adult member of society. Yes, send recipes – but also know he will be perfectly capable of searching on-line for them too, and figuring out what to cook, and when. If you want to send him off with some frozen meals to pop in his 'freezer to get him started, great.

    You can't be Marie Barone, btw. I already took her 😉

  3. Well the obvious is ramon noodles and mac and cheese. And for recipes…add some sort of meat and either peas, broccoli or spinach and you have a one dish meal, the varieties are endless.

    If he buys lunch meat and stuff for sandwiches, sometimes we use that to make a nice chef salad at night.

    Oh Jay lived on cottage cheese in college.

    Is he going to have any kind of a meal plan on campus? Minimum amount of meals? I would tell him if he is to eat the best nutritional value that he possibly can with that meal and save the easy to prepare quick meals for home.

    Also, tell him that eggs are inexpensive and to leave enough time to make a good breakfast and breakfast for dinner is always great.

    Jay had several jobs in college. One place for free food is at the different sororities hire servers. They eat dinner. Then they set up, wait the tables (which is family style so there isn't much that they do) and then do the dishes and clean the dining room. I think it is about an hours worth of work (maybe an hour and a half) and a free dinner. It isn't for everyone but it is nice to know about it as an option.

  4. Send a couple of his favorites that you cook at home. I called mom as soon as I got an actual kitchen and had her send me a bunch. But most of us lived on ramen, mac and cheese and cereal. Ha!

  5. Amy. There is always email. You can send him a recipe a day.

    But the fact is, he can figure it out. You've outdone yourself as a mom. The kids can cook. They can read. They're reasonably well adjusted, and smart enough to know how to avoid starvation.

    Instead of having a cow here in internet land, take one of your typing hands and pat yourself on the back. You've earned it, Dear.

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