Daisies and the 70’s!

Does it get much better?  Here are the daisies Mike arranged for me when I came home from “abandoning” our oldest child in the godforsaken town of Tallahassee.  Clearly, though, I’ve recovered.  Ian and I stopped at Goodwill today and I found this box of 1970’s recipe cards.  I am pretty sure my mom had the same thing but she had a red box.  I’ve had so much fun going through recipes this afternoon.  Some great, some truly scary. Dan called this afternoon.  He’s doing well – bought his books, found the gym, discovered hills and how they change your life as a runner.  He was going to a concert tonight.  Classes start Monday and his world is going to seriously change . . . until then, I hope he’s having fun.  

Me?  I’m trying to figure out how to talk Mike into grilling stuffed-hot-dogs.  Hot dogs stuffed with things like American cheese and apples, onions and raisins, I would have to get the card to go on, but it cracks me up just to picture the look on Mike’s face.  We’ll see. 

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