The fog has begun to lift . . .

I was not heartbroken to drop Dan off in Tallahassee. He’s ready to be on his own. Still, I was sad when I got home. The past few days have been a little foggy. It’s weird.  He’s really gone and life here will never be the same.  I know Dan will come back and we’ll have fun, but we’ll never just be all six of us.  The end of an era.
Today, however, after talking to Dan yesterday (he’s doing well and I even think he misses us a little bit), I felt “normal.” Normal is relative, but normal for me. I like a routine.  I got the floors thoroughly mopped last night and went to bed with a house that smelled like gingerbread (I use my soap scents with my usual vinegar and water). Today, Andy and I got school done in a reasonable amount of time with no tears!  Tonight, I made bread, yogurt and granola – part of my usual Monday night routine.  It’s been a while.  It feels good to get back to the new normal. 

I’m headed off to bed but I’m not dragging or dreading or feeling sad.  Progress, right?

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