Do not be deceived by the cute.

Cally recently celebrated her 1st birthday (with some cheese and pepperoni).  We’ve had her now for five months (I think).  She’s the most graceful, enthusiastic, clumsy, unladylike dog I’ve ever known.  I just love her.  Scout, poor old Scout, is decidedly in the “I-hate-her camp.”  But, Cally definitely found the right home here.  

She LOVES rain. You know it’s going to rain because about 15 minutes ahead of a storm she’ll start racing all over the place and “throwing” toys at us.  She’ll play fetch, but she won’t bring anything back to you.  Instead she races around with whatever she’s fetched and, if she still feels like playing, she’ll come back to you and hurl the bone, ball, branch at you.  It’s so un-Scout-like. Scout is a play-by-the-rules kind of girl.

Scout just glares at me and flops over for a new nap whenever this happens.  Poor Scout.  Still, I think she secretly likes Cally – all the growling is for show.  

Ian caught this picture of Cally today in a lunch-time thunderstorm.  I was not keen on adding a dog to the family, but I’m really glad we did.  

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