Everyone Loves Leo! UPDATE 9/6/11


Leo has been discharged and is headed *HOME*!!! He’ll have the PICC line in, for antibiotics over the next three weeks, but he’ll be home and his family will be together! Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts!!

9/5/11: From Andie!
Feeling well enough to act silly before bed. 🙂 (Yay Leo.  Please keep praying!  They still have a long way to go. – from me)

The worst of the med reaction seems to have passed. He’s still a bit itchy and tires easily, but otherwise feels okay. He had another med (not an antibiotic) reintroduced and seems to be tolerating it well, though I’m hesitant to say that until… oh, when he’s FINISHED WITH IT. Tomorrow he gets a break, but Friday we’re testing another antibiotic to which he may be allergic. But that’s Friday, and I don’t have room for Friday in my head yet.
He was having trouble with his PICC line, so that had to be pulled today. He may need that replaced in the future depending on which med he ends up taking, but for now, he’s on oral meds and unhooked from things. He is much more comfortable.
He got to spend time with Eleanor today, which was good for both of them. (Eleanor went down to the playroom to do a craft and ended up meeting Miss Virginia, who colored a picture with her and gave her a teddy bear. Eleanor really loved the crown, so maybe when all this is over we’ll get her into pageants. *snort*)
I hesitate to say it, because so much has changed so often and so completely, but barring any more complications it looks like we’ll be home next week sometime, one way (or med) or another. Then we get down to the business of wiping out some Lyme meningitis and cleaning up and healing some cranial nerves. I’m sure the kid will be grateful to stop seeing two of me.
His third “fifteen more minutes” of reading are nearly up, so I’m going to tuck him in. Thank you all for your support and prayers and help.

Please keep praying, thinking good thoughts, dancing nekkid (though we all know you just like any excuse to do that!) and whatever else.  Leo has a long way to go but the kid is a trooper! Look at how far he’s come.  (Isn’t the picture awesome?  My friend Deb made it in honor of Leo’s favorite book!)

3 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Leo! UPDATE 9/6/11

  1. *snort* Okay, I see you *did* make a new post. I looked at the update first. :-} I don't even have Andie's email address. Will you tell her I'm thinking of them all?

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