Fun at the grocery store!!

Andy and I had to run some errands this afternoon.  One was a quick trip to the grocery store.  As we were walking into the store, we found ourselves behind a mom with three little kids and the youngest (4-5?) was pitching a fit and wailing as they walked into the store.  Having been-there-done-that, I telepathically sent sympathies to the mom and headed in the opposite direction.  
We were in the frozen food section in search of a box o’spinach and some hash browns.  I was standing next to a woman who was about my mom’s age. She and I were discussing frozen potatoes.  When, guess who came down the aisle?  Yep.  Sad, crying boy and his family.  The older woman and I exchanged “poor puppy” glances as they passed.  But, as soon as they passed, the older woman tugged on my arm.  “Do you speak Spanish?”  I shook my head no.  She burst out laughing.  “I finally figured out what that little boy has been whining the whole time he’s been in the store, “You just don’t love me enough, Mom.”  We both laughed really hard.  We had been sympathetic to the little boy with the mean mom until that moment.  LOLOL – Nice to have a translator when I needed one.

After we checked out, Andy and I were trying to figure out where we’d parked.  (Okay, I was trying to figure out where the car was, Andy was just messing with me.)  As we were standing there with me thinking out loud (gah — what am I going to be doing in 20 years?), I noticed an old woman pushing a woman who was obviously her daughter in a wheel chair headed straight for us.  The woman grabbed my arm and stared at me. I stared back.  I thought she needed help or something.  Finally, she asked “Are those your real eyes?” Not knowing about fake eyes, I kind of shouted “YES, THEY ARE.”  She turned to her daughter and said “Dayum they really ARE that blue.” Then she turned back to me, lightly smacked my cheek and told me I should be in commercials and headed on her way.  I was surprised she hadn’t noticed Andy, whose eyes are FAR bluer than anyone I’ve ever met until I turned around and saw Andy studiously tying his shoes.  Once again, we have odd encounters in public.  I guess it’s a step up we weren’t at WalMart, huh?

(That is NOT my eye, but it’s blue.)

5 thoughts on “Fun at the grocery store!!

  1. Sean's whines usually sound like this…”I am never, ever, going to get (insert grocery item I am saying not this trip to) ever, never again.” WAH! I know it feels like forever and never to him…but dang picking up a thing of milk and 18 eggs feels like forever to me when he whines the whole way (and I tell him ahead of time what we are getting). He is 6 for gosh sakes stop your whining.

    And your eyes and Andy's eyes are freakishly blue. Funny about the stranger attacking you over your eyes. Were you having allergy eyes and the red was setting them off even more?

  2. You must be wearing a sign or something that makes people unafraid to approach you and act weird. It's the only explanation I can think of.

    One of the pregnant girls in my first childbirth class had a little old woman approach her in Sears. The woman said, “Are you going to nurse?”

    When she answered yes, the woman HONKED HER BOOBS and said, “Good, you're built for it.”

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