I’ve been remiss . . .

Fridays are “Cooking with Andy and Alton Brown Fridays” from now on.  I love this part of homeschooling 6th grade.  The boys get an awesome dose of real science AND learn how to cook.  Now that I have my new little camera, I can document the experience.  
Pre-camera, Andy made seared duck breasts, baked potatoes and sauteed green beans for me and his godmother (and eventually his brothers as they trickled home).  Pretty impressive.  Last weekend, Andy learned from Alton and Mike how to grill a perfect strip steak. It was perfect.
This week, as an addendum to the grilling, Andy learned to broil.  He chose Alton Brown’s recipe called “Get Breakfast.”  No pictures this week, but I have to say, broiled hash browns mixed with spinach later topped by salsa, cheese and broiled eggs????  Keeper.  
Next Friday (promise with pictures!) we’re roasting something . . .

2 thoughts on “I’ve been remiss . . .

  1. WOW, maybe Noah needs to stop by for “cooking with Amy and Andy”…

    Around here ramen and PB&J constitute cooking class..

    That looks really good!

  2. And next semester I have to get Alexander out of his elective “culinary arts” because, he doesn't eat gluten (and I am sure there will be recipes with gluten and he will pout) and two he doesn't touch food that he doesn't like (even if he doesn't have to eat it) and three he gets really upset by smells. I can see on the one had where maybe if someone else made him do all these things and for a GRADE maybe he could “get over it”. But on the other hand if it is just too much sensory input for him the only thing he is going to do is fuss and tantrum and cry at home for hours about it (and I just don't have it in me to deal with that for hours for an entire semester).

    At least I have Sean who loves to eat and cook with Jay.

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