What’s old is new again . . .

Work with me here . . . if you are a mother of older boys, you know how it goes.  If you have younger boys consider yourself warned.  If you don’t have boys or a husband, well, this is an eye-opener, I guess.  So, let’s go with you being the mom of boys.  You deal with grossness from the minute they’re born – baby girls never pee in your face (or that’s the rumor).  You get through potty training as best you can (always wallpaper AFTER potty training, trust me).  And then, they’re just gross and dirty and kind of gross.  But, they’re still little and cute and once they’re asleep you pretty much forgive them the bad aim. 
And, then, one day you wake up and your little boy is as tall as you.  The child who once begged to do an extra math or to be allowed to make his own lunch is alternately surly, weepy, snarky and that’s in just one head spin. They start eating everything in your house.  Their shoes become like actual pieces of furniture.  In short, they grow up.  But, you’re okay with it because you still get glimpses of the little boy you know.  (It’s okay, that little boy is still in there.) 
Suddenly, it’s time for your folks or the inlaws to visit.  If, like us, you are lucky enough to have two bathrooms (meaning you don’t share with the kids) you panic.  Sure, the kids have been cleaning it lately and they do a decent job.  BUT, they do not do a mother-in-law-worthy cleaning.  So, you get the rubber gloves, the bucket of bleach and ammonia (kidding – sort of) and get to work.  you get to the shower.  You reach to move the bar of soap and AACKKKK – what is stuck in that soap????  Why is that in your house???  You hurl the soap into the trash bag you dragged into the bathroom with you.  By the time your heart rate slows down, you start to realize . . . that soap was sprinkled with pubic hair!  And then your heart rate speeds up again and you crawl out to the safely clean floor in the hall and prostrate yourself and scream “NOOOOOOO.” 
But, it’s true.  Why do you think body washes, even if they smell awful, are so popular???  It’s one of those unspoken mom things.  The older boys know my feeling about “pubes” in the soap and it’s not been a problem.  Andy isn’t quite there yet.  So imagine my joy and delight when I was mopping today and I kept finding random, oogy dark hairs?  Gah!  

So, Cally doesn’t shed like a normal dog, she just leaves random stray hairs around the house.  I dunno, I kind of prefer dog hair tumbleweeds.  Yep.  That was the whole point of this post. 

 Just nod and smile and don’t look me directly in the eye.

4 thoughts on “What’s old is new again . . .

  1. La la la I can't hear you…Alexander is allergic/sensitive to most soaps so he uses a mild body wash with just a tiny bit of scent. Like I said…hands over ears and ignoring you…my first born baby will never grow up.

  2. It's on my list.
    Things you don't think about when having a baby.

    Introduction to solid foods. Teething. Learning to walk (while learning to fall, repeatedly. Toilet training. School or not school. Driver training. Pubic hair in the soap. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Marriage.

    Let's all sing The Circle of Life.

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