I’m an idiot – every single season I’m surprised by allergies.  Every, single season I spend a full week thinking I’m getting sick as well as the boys.  And, then, suddenly, it dawns on all of us that it’s fall or spring and we’re not sick, we’re just missing our allergy drugs.  This week was such a week.  I should feel stupider than I do, but I don’t so there.
Thursday, we scooped up Bing and headed for the beach.  Ahhhhhh the beautiful, pollen-free beach. It’s still really hot here, but you can feel fall in the air.  For instance, the chilly 82 degree water.  (I kid.) The waves were huge and the current was really, really strong, but it was a perfect day at the beach.  

Ian and Tim have Thursday free of classes, so I imagine we’ll be heading to the beach on the next few Thursdays before the weather really changes.  We all love having the time with Bing!  I have her trapped in the front seat to listen to me for an hour there and an hour back.  Once we get to the beach, the boys get her trapped in the water and talk and talk and talk. In the end, we’re all happy.  And breathing.  And not sleepy!  Yay beach!

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