Art, middle school and all the rest of it . . .

First, art.  Ian was subjected to my art lessons as a grammar and middle school kid.  We did some art history in early high school.  Recently (in the past year) he’s developed a real interest in drawing.  He’s most definitely my mother’s grandson (she’s an artist) because he sure did not learn this from me.  He’s been attempting self-portraits for a while now.  This, while not the most flattering picture of my handsome, handsome son, is dead-on. (I’ll try to get him to send me a bigger version tomorrow)  He makes this face so often when he’s concentrating or confused or even just squinting in the sun.  I think it’s pretty amazing.  
Next, middle school.  Gah!  Andy is an awesome kid.  He’s incredibly easy to deal with compared to his brothers.  I think the lack of brothers sharing the same school work helps.  But . . . he’s getting older and I am seeing signs of the evil puberty, mind-sucking phase we’re about to enter.  Math today took over two hours.  It was review. But, based on Andy’s work, it was a brand new subject.  I’m feeling old.  I don’t know if I can do this for a fourth time without losing my mind.  Given our alternatives, I guess we’ll all find out together if I can weather the storm.  Not sure who the saint for puberty is, but if you don’t mind googling, please bury his likeness in your backyard, upside down.  We’re going to need it.  
Talked to Dan on Sunday night.  He’s doing really well.  He hates the two remaining Humanities classes he’s taking, but what are you going to do? He’s really enjoying Calc II and Physics with Calculus – this cannot be my true child!!!!  Apartment living seems to be going well – the four roommates all get along thus far.  He’s got a job working in the big dining hall on campus. So far, it’s working well.  He gets two long shifts per week and gets to take home tons of food.  According to Dan, it’s way better than cutting meat at Winn Dixie.  I’m so proud of him for adjusting so quickly and for just being him.  And, I have to say I felt like a girl getting a call from a boy she likes when he called on Sunday!  😉  It was so nice to just talk to him and know he’s okay.

Not too much else going on here.  I’ll be back if I think of anything, though.  (Good news, I have resumed doing laundry and no sign of the lady-who-likes-to-roll-in-the-driveway!)

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