Talk to me about lamps . . .

I know, we don’t know each other all that well, but my living room is killing me.  I know I want to get rid of the monster tv “container” we currently have.  But, I’m stuck with the coffee and end tables and what to do with them.  The furniture is deep red.  The walls are avocado-ish.  The trim is white.  The kitchen is similar and most of the furniture in there is either black (but not deep, glossy black) or distressed white.  I like the kitchen.  I hate the living room.  

I especially hate the lamps we have in there.  But, I’m frozen when I go to look at lamps.  I don’t want matchy-matchy stuff but GAH!!!!!  So, please share your thoughts.  I think my problem is an absolute hatred of lampshades.  As far as I can tell they are simply collectors of dust and dog hair.  Have I mentioned my even more extreme hatred of overhead lighting?  It’s a dilemma.  Someone come fix my living room, please? (The picture? This is what you get when you google “worst living room ever” LOL)

4 thoughts on “Talk to me about lamps . . .

  1. Have an ikea? Go there, they have the best lighting. Maybe those wee track lights that simulate “occasional” lighting instead of harsh over heads? hanging pendulum lamps?

  2. We mostly have ceiling fans with lights. In the living room is also some mission-ish looking hanging thing with four lights. No cloth shades on anything – I also dislike them. The shades for each bulb are frosted glass of some sort. Easy to swipe from below with one of those dusting pole thingies.

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