Nancy Drew

I LOVE Nancy Drew.  I loved her when I was a kid. I secretly loved her as a teenager (comfort books, you know? Nancy Drew, Little Women and The Secret Garden) and I unabashedly love her now (the old Nancy Drew, not the modern Barbi-ized version). 
Andy and I have been spending an inordinate amount of time at the library lately. (GAH! How much do I hate teaching research papers?).  And, we never fail to visit our little library without a stop at the Friends of the Library bookstore near the exit.  I could spend days in that tiny space – so many crazy, great books.  
I was specifically looking for historical fiction and biographies for Andy when I chanced upon some “old” Nancy Drew books.  One was the textured blue cover that I remember reading and knowing those books had been my mom’s Nancy Drews. Others had the old-fashioned covers (circa 1964) that I remember receiving for every birthday and Christmas (early-mid 1970’s). I cannot even explain how much I loved Nancy Drew – the pumps, the clothes, the formal way they talked – everything.  :::::sigh:::::  No girls here.  The Nancy Drew books went, rightfully, to my niece. I flipped and fondled the books on a recent visit to my sister’s house.  😉  (Nothing creepy about Aunt Amy, really.)

So, there I stood, paralyzed by the Nancy Drew books.  Andy approached, sucking on a mint from the “free mint” bowl on the counter at the entrance.  I wanted to buy them all.  Andy rolled his eyes at me.  “Really, Mom?  Didn’t you already read them? Those books will take you about two hours to read again.”  I knew he was right, but wahhhhh.  Finally, I bought the oldest one.  The Clue in the Jewel Box.  I read it.  I still love Nancy Drew. I almost feel like I will wake up in the morning and put on a pair of pumps, a crisp linen skirt and a shirt waist and go have someone dye my hair Titian.  😉 

The picture above shows all the books I found that day.  Nancy Drew, of course, is on the very top.

2 thoughts on “Nancy Drew

  1. You passed up some blue-cover Nancy Drews? And the ones with the yellow covers with photos (like the ones that belonged to my big sister, wow, I wanted to be just like my big sister she was so sophisticated and she had those yellow-cover Nancy Drews)? Aaaaaaaagh, I'm hyperventilating!

    Do you think if I drove down there RIGHT NOW they'd still be there? I'm starting from St. Louis, so I probably wouldn't be there by closing time today….

  2. I just recently ended a one-year volunteering stint at our Friends of the Library bookstore.

    Talk about dangerous.

    I would go there without money because if I had cash in hand, I ended up buying more books that I sold.

    We had tons of yellow-covered Nancy Drew books one month; 50 cents each. They sold pretty quickly.

    David owns pretty much the entire Hardy Boys collection. Some he's been collecting that are over 35 years old, and some newer ones to round out his collection.

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