Happy Friday!

I am finally figuring out this new camera.  So, lucky you all . . . you get random pictures! It’s Friday – cooking with Alton Brown & Andy day.  Today we made roasted chicken in a flower pot.  I was not totally sold on this idea, but Andy was.  
Here is the finished product.  We could tweak it a bit – I think a bigger flower pot is in order. When we first unveiled the chicken the wings clung to the sides of the “lid” and it was kind of freaky. Bigger pot and truss up the chicken – those splayed thighs are kind of obscene in this picture, but the chicken was delicious.  Crispy on the outside, perfect on the inside.  Yay Andy!!!!!!
There he is, on your left, Coach Mike.  Mike is coaching “The Bills” this season for Andy’s flag football league.  They won their first game on Wednesday!!!  Now that I’ve seen how they’ll have the field set up I’ll be able to get pictures of awesome Andy in action.  (This is such a relief after last year where the teams were stacked and Andy’s team continually played teams where the average height was 12″ over the height of the tallest kid on Andy’s team.  Losing over and over and over sucks.)  It appears they have this year’s league set up with a much more even hand.
Years and years ago I picked up some true action figures – Albert Einstein, William Shakespeare and Leonardo DaVinci (courtesy of the best stocking stuffer site in the world American Science and Surplus.)  They all came with goofy props and I stuck them in the older boys stockings at Christmas.  Andy recently discovered Albert Einstein.  He drags this poor action figure around all day talking to it and posing it. (And people say homeschooled kids aren’t socialized????)  
It took my neighbor’s daughter to pose him in front of our Apprentice organizer thingie in a running pose.  How awesome?  Now to dig up Shakespeare and Leonardo. 

And, strangely, that kind of sums up our week!  Eight weeks of school down – 32 to go (for Andy).  It was a good week.  I’m looking forward to a few days with no lessons and lots of books and even some cleaning (not really on the cleaning, but you know).  Tomorrow morning is the opera-at-the-movies with my mom. I’m excited – I’ve enjoyed half of the first two we’ve seen.  😉  I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of German opera.  Cross your fingers for tomorrow.  I miss the live opera company here in town, but there’s something to be said for sitting in comfy chairs and ordering yummy snacks and wearing sneakers to watch something at La Scala. 

Happy weekend!

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