Where I get older and older . . .

Last week Andy wanted a hair cut.  Andy is weird about his hair.  It’s fine with me so long as he keeps it clean and brushed.  THIS is his new haircut.  (Ya think the fact that all of the older boys are now sporting super short hair has made a difference?)  
Sniff… look at him.  My baby is only 11 and he looks SO much older now.  And, he looks a lot like Tim.  You may recall that we suffered through a parade of middle school girls stalking, calling, knocking on our door when Tim was about Andy’s age.  I don’t know if I can face it all again.
WHY?  Glad you asked.  Tim went to the Homecoming Dance this weekend. (Nice allergy shiners, huh? Yay for fall ragweed!)  He opted to go with a group of friends and one of the friends’ parents sprung for a limo at the last minute.  I knew all the kids.  Mike dropped Tim off and talked to the parents hosting the pre-party.  What we didn’t know was that Tim was going to ride with 10 girls in the limo.  All 10 girls claimed him as her date. 
Imagine my delight an surprise when I got up Sunday morning to find this picture on Tim’s Facebook.  Yes, that is Tim with 10 girls and he’s holding a baby.  The baby is one of the girls’ stepsisters and the girls all thought the picture would be cute since Tim is wearing pink (none of the girls are lol) and so is the baby.  Yes, girls, I hope you, too, one day wake to a picture like this of your son.  Muhaaahahaha. 
(See why I’m freaked out about Andy’s hair cut?)  Tim is friends or friendly with all of these girls, but none is a “love” interest.  I kind of wonder what it’s like to be Tim.  Wherever he goes, girls (youngest to the oldest) gravitate. I think it’s because he’s kind and he is a really good listener and he’s adorable to boot.  Who knows?

4 thoughts on “Where I get older and older . . .

  1. I can laugh at this because my oldest is almost 15 and still pretty sure that he wants to remain unmarried and celibate. I'm sure it won't last. Or it will because I damaged him in some way. But for now, it leaves me free to chuckle at Tim and his ten dates. It's a slightly nervous chuckle, but still.

    Andy does look like Tim. Before I started reading the post, I thought that was the same kid, different years.

  2. Good luck with all of that, KathyJo!!!! 😉 Let's talk in a year or two and see what your son is thinking about the celibacy thing. (We've been there, enjoy it!)

    Still love your picture of the wee feet and that I get to “see” you now and then.

  3. Ernie said Jared is starting to look at girls when they're out together. I did the mature thing: stuck my fingers in my ears and said, “Lalala I'm not listening to you.”

    The feet are Joshua's, taken before we moved from Texas. *sigh* I know people who are so happy that their kids are almost grown. I'm not sure I'll ever understand that. :-}

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