Field Trip!!!!!

 It’s been a while since I’ve planned a specific homeschool-related field trip.  But, it’s unfair to keep Andy here in the house full time with just me (and sporadic encounters with Ian, Tim and Mike).  AND, it’s unfair to make me join a goofy homeschool group in the name of “socializing” Andy.  Andy would be fine in a homeschool group.  Me????  I’m thinking not so much.  I’m old and grizzled and all of that.  

Today, we went to St. Augustine.  This year, Andy is studying American History.  We just finished up a big study on Native Americans and I really want to focus on how the United States became the United States.  St. Augustine seemed like a good starting point.  
Ian and Tim got up early to join us.  We packed a lunch and headed on up.  It was a rainy, cloudy day here.  Still in the 90’s, but cool-ish.  We spent a lot of time at the Fort.  It’s so cool – it’s all built of shells.  It’s amazing to think how much smaller people were back then.  The bunk beds and the “broiler beds” (Andy’s name for them) are so short in length and it’s amazing how many people were stuffed into them.  Toss in the lack of a/c, soap, hot water, regular showers??????  It’s amazing anyone stayed in St. Augustine!!!!!!!!
After lunch and the fort, we wandered around town.  Ian and Tim both have serious cameras.  Andy and I wandered ahead as Ian and Tim climbed and crawled over and under stuff.  I will share their pictures tomorrow (if they let me).  I have to say that it’s a different city viewed through their eyes.  

All-in-all it was a FUN day.  The drive home was a bit rough.  We pulled over for a bathroom break and somehow I ended up back on the road heading east (home was west).  None of us noticed for about 15 minutes – yes, we talk that much.  THEN, there were NO exits.  ::::sigh:::: In addition to driving an extra 30 miles, we spent an extra hour in the car.  Pretty sad when your entire one-way trip should only take about 100 minutes.  Upside????  Ummm . . .. we were all really, really happy to get home. 

One thought on “Field Trip!!!!!

  1. I think everyone on the internet should chip in for a GPS unit for you. Most of the time you could just be GPSing yourself home.

    It would yell at you when you started going the wrong way.

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