He’s okay.

My mom suggested that this story is better if people know right off the bat that Andy is OKAY.  He is.
Today, after going through Math and Latin with Andy, I decided to get a shower.  I left him and Tim working peacefully at the kitchen table.  ::::sniff:::: It was a beautiful scene of scholarly joy.  (You know right now it’s going to end well, don’t you?)  As I lathered up the shampoo, I heard the wails.
Somehow, they’d decided that the black triangle inside of one of the three-ring binders (don’t worry about it if you don’t know what I’m talking about) looked like a boomerang.  Tim tossed it in Andy’s direction and waited for it to come back to him.  Unfortunately, it hit Andy in the eye.  He did not throw it hard.  He did not aim at Andy’s eye.  Nonetheless . . . 
I stuck ice on Andy’s eye and had him sit still while I finished getting dressed.  By the time I came back out, the bottom of Andy’s iris looked weird.  I called the optometrist.  They asked how fast I could get him there.  10 minutes later we had bumped a patient out of the doctor’s office and Andy was inside.  The doctor put some drops in that made Andy’s eye green (spooky) and looked at it with all of his doctor stuff.  He tried to work the intercom and ended up shouting for his assistant to call “the professor.”  Once “the professor” was on the phone I heard lots of hmm’s and yeses and ahaha’s.  
The doctor hung up and started writing and sent us to an eye surgeon on the other side of town.  Scary stuff this.  Andy was crying (Andy never cries) and I wanted to cry (I chose to let my blood pressure rise instead).  We drove as fast as the Suburban would go through downtown to the surgeon.  I did not even have to fill out paperwork, the doctor simply saw us as I filled stuff out.  
Good news.  The retina was not torn.  No surgery today.  Andy has something called hyphema.  There is bleeding behind his eye.  For the next two days he must remain as still as possible with limited bathroom breaks.  We’ve dragged the recliner from Mike’s reading spot in our bedroom to the middle of the living room.  It is Andy’s new home.  We have drops, painkillers and lots of snacks that Andy only need “snap” his fingers to obtain.  
With luck, the bleeding will have stopped by Thursday afternoon and this will all be a memory.  A scary memory.  Think good thoughts, send your best “petrificus totalus” spells and/or say a prayer for Andy.  
Pictures are included courtesy of Andy – he liked the idea of “sharing” the misery.  8)  I do wish I’d gotten a picture before the green left his eye.  Oh well.  Use your imagination.

Bear with me on the new blog format.  I haven’t decided which way to go yet  . . .

3 thoughts on “He’s okay.

  1. (((hugs))) I know how scary your day was. Older brother got poked in the eye by a Lego by younger brother about two yrs. ago. His eyelid was closed and it didn't even leave a scratch, but we ended up being handed an address of a retina specialist in Naples and told to drive directly there. As you were, we were whisked back sans paperwork immediately. He had a swollen cornea that took a few weeks to heal, but all worked out fine. It's never good to be the head of the line. Tell Andy to get well soon. He's a brave kid. (Hugs to Tim too. I'm sure he feels just awful.)

  2. we'd just moved to Connecticut (maybe three month before) when my son was playing with one of those folding construction rulers. The dude scratched his eye. The husband took him to the ER and then had to tell the PA how to check the eye for scratches and such (he's a safety guy and unfortunately, has to take lots of guys who refuse to leave their safety glasses on to the er). That PA totally tried to blow them off with “it'll be fine.” Luckily, Matt helped prove her wrong. Very glad that you had a much better experience! Lots of mojo for a very still few days!!! and hugs to help lower the blood pressure.

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