Good eye!

And, thank heavens for funny relatives!  I think we might use this picture as part of our Christmas newsletter.  Andy laughed and laughed when he saw it.  
Andy has been amazing.  He has been still and glued to the recliner.  (I think the Benadryl’s I’ve been slipping him in the evening have helped) But, he took the doctor seriously.  Today we went in for our first follow-up appointment.  The doctor was very pleased.  The cornea is nearly healed.  The bleeding has stopped.  Now, we’re left with a big clot behind Andy’s eye.  
The doctor took pity on Andy and gave him “wander around the house s-l-o-w-l-y” privileges until next week.  Until the clot resolves itself there is still a danger.  Andy was actually thrilled to be allowed to shower again.  (Yes, I DO know this will not happen again in the near future.)  So, everything is going well.  We are facing a long week of keeping a very active kid very still, but we can do it, right?  All things are possible if you make ice cream every meal?  Or something like that.  
Keep your fingers crossed.  Smooth sailing for another 7 days . . . we can do this!!!!!

And, thanks for the pictures, John!!!!!  8)

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