So, what would you do with $800?  I can configure that amount about 200 ways.  Each of the 200 ways would be helpful to us.  I imagine it’s the same for you.  
But, if you’re Danny, you spent that money on a required Humanities Class called “Ethnicity and Diversity.”  (I will spare you my rant on how much this is a NON-issue for kids in this age group – the school is making it an issue by making this a required class . . .) Anyway, Danny is taking this class.  He (and I) thought he’d finished all of the humanities credits for an engineering major when he was attending the local school.  Oh well.  We told Dan, Dan’s advisor told Dan to just suck it up and get through it.  
He called me Friday after his class.  Dan and I share a lot of traits, but one of the best things he got from Mike is his ability to be sane and rise above people who try to tick you off.  I fail that class every single time I take it. His E&D teacher has been taking the class through US History discussing the issues.  Friday marked the day the were supposed to start on the Civil War and then Reconstruction.  The instructor announced that she doesn’t like talking or thinking about war so they would be skipping those sections.  You know, because they have nothing to do with R&E issues in the late 1800’s or the entire 20th century.  GAHAAHAHAHHHHHH.  And, there you go, that’s about $800.  I’m happy that Dan at least realizes the gap in history and how important it is.  What about the other 200++ kids in Dan’s class?  Are they aware?  I wonder if she’ll skip WWII and the Holocaust as well – those are potentially upsetting.  @@  
Andy and I are losing our minds being quiet and housebound and doing so much sitting.  We have to do this until Thursday!!!!  I have to say that Andy’s best friend (since he was about 3) has been here everyday (and this kid is NOT a gamer or a sitter in any way shape or form).  It means so much that he’s here and he’s willing to tone things down.  (I do wonder what kind of nightmare his parents are facing at the end of each day – we’re all used to having physically tired kids); BUT, it’s working.  No blurring, no swelling, no bleeding.  We can do this.  Right?  

lt’s fall garden time.  Mike is building me a fence that is Cally-proof (as she ate most of the summer garden).  It should be done tomorrow..  I painted the first two panels last weekend.  I painted the next two panels tonight while enjoying the end of the audio version of Salem’s Lot.  (This was extra fun as it’s actually cool here – well, below 80)  Once I figure out what to plant, it had all better grow really well to match up to the fancy fences!!!!!  

Is anyone else on Pottermore?  Dan’s girlfriend got me a spot for the Beta testing.  It’s a total hoot.  I was sorted into Ravenclaw (me and Luna, doncha know?) tonight.  It’s fun, but hugely time-sucking.  I might put Andy to work this week

3 thoughts on “$800????

  1. I still love you. But I don't love your new format. Took me until today to figure out how to comment.

    So first, so sorry about what happened to Andy's eye but glad that he's going to be okay!! How scary!!

    And as for the liberal (there, I said it) bent of college? Yeah.

    My son occasionally texts me on the first day of a new term, telling me that he's in a class where he's going to have to write with his left hand to pass.

    Code for 'still another liberal lefty in charge of educating the masses.'

    I feel your pain. And once again am reminded that what education REALLY is is a RACKET.. and a ripoff.

    Weird world we live in, huh?

  2. When Katie was at FSU she also had to take the diversity classes. Come on, we're from Orlando, and we need diversity classes? And don't even get me started on the cost of text books! MANY times my kids would buy the “required” text only to NEVER use it. Finally they ended up waiting a week or more before buying the books to be sure that they'll need it.

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