It’s not easy being weird

Andy has 2 1/2 days left of being still and quiet.  He’s been incredibly great during all of this.  As a result, his eye is clear.  No change in the iris.  No blurry vision.  No nothing.  We’re doing school-lite this week.  And, as much as I love and adore Andy, I will be happy to let him loose on the world Thursday afternoon.  
Who knew he was such a talker?  Who knew he was so susceptible to television.  He’s been watching lots of Monk on Netflix.  I was fine with that until I took him with me to the grocery store (for a nice slow walk around the produce section)?  As we were driving, we both had matching cups and drinks in the car beverage holder, Andy asked me, in all seriousness, to take a big sip of my drink.  I asked why?  Well, duh, mom, our drinks are not level with each other.  Monk is on hold for a while (maybe forever).  
Weird stuff? I was paying bills today (I put it off because I like having a bank balance over a weekend).  The bill I MOST hate to pay is my student loan bill (yes, I am 1000 years old and still paying on a student loan).  I owe the money, I pay it, but it ticks me off that I was soooo stoopid back then – I let myself be talked into those loans.  This, dear children of mine (if you’re reading), is why I am so opposed to going into debt for an undergrad degree.  Anyway, I went to pay the loan, like I do every stoopid month and there is nothing to pay.  The balance is gone.  I called.  All they could tell me was that the loan was gone.  I emailed (because I don’t trust SallieMae) and they told me the same thing.  I know this will come back to bite us in the butt, but for this month, I’m enjoying the little cushion.  
I told Mike, poor Mike, that in my delusional world a knight-in-shining-armor has stolen our identity and is using his powers for good.  He’s going to pay everything off and build us a retirement fund.  I might have slipped this past Mike – he’s not stupid he knows to just half-listen to me – but I had to push the envelope and mention putting ponies into my newly painted, fenced garden of dirt.  I’m sore tempted to go find some Pretty Ponies at the thrift store tomorrow.  

Anyway, the student loan thing is weird.  I’ll be keeping my eye on it for sure.  In the meantime, I’m going to bed tonight dreaming of pretty ponies, knights and Robin Hood identity thieves.  I’ll see you when I get up around 4 pm – just enough time for me to dress and pretty-up for happy hour. 

One thought on “It’s not easy being weird

  1. Could someone have paid it off for you? My experience has been that places will take money from anyone with a checkbook. If I call up and say I want to pay so and so's bill how much is it and here is the payment…they will take it. Do you have an anonymous benefactor?

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