All’s clear!!!

Andy had his eye doctor appointment.  After 9 days of what basically amounted to bed-rest, Andy is nearly free!  Eye drops, no contact sports, and no swimming until Wednesday, but beyond that no restrictions!  The doctor saw what he called “a little debris” but the clot was gone and no signs of further bleeding.  Woohoo!  Andy gets to go back to his bed (he’s been on the couch b/c he couldn’t climb the bunk bed OR wrestle for bed space on the bottom bunk with Cally).  He was able to run around outside and play with Paul this afternoon.  He’s actually tired tonight.  Whew!!!!!!!  
I’m resisting the urge to make Andy wear safety goggles full-time.  I’m also resisting the urge to guilt you all into making your kids wear safety goggles.  Even the doctor thought I was nuts.  But . . . it’s hard!  😉

Stay-tuned this weekend – garden going in – ponies being evicted.  (My imaginary ponies, that is.)

2 thoughts on “All’s clear!!!

  1. Whothewhat now? I posted a comment and then it redirected me to another Leave a Comment page…

    ANYWAY, I was saying that I was glad I'd left your first “He's Okay” post to read later b/c I was in a hurry and then I forgot and by the time I checked back in, it was all on the mend. Phew. Because that is some scary stuff right there. Was poor Ian utterly traumatized (as the thrower of the object)? Every time my sewing machine makes a ka-chunk sound, I brace for the broken needle to fly into my eye. I think I should just get glasses…

    And, um, hate the new format.

  2. I am glad he is OK! Phew!

    We are going to set up some square foot gardens soon. Looks like rain all weekend, but if there's some dry time, we're building our containers. Hell, I even have a compost area!

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