Back to the routine . . .

Long weekend here – Teacher Workday for our county.  Had a house full of boys all day long.  The weather is perfect – warm enough for shorts and bare feet, but cool enough to function.  I really do love the 9-12 year old boys.  They make up weird games and everyone is okay with rule changes every three minutes.  They talk intelligently about something one minute and the next they’re howling over something disgusting. 
Saturday, after football practice, Mike wanted to do the biannual bug spray around the house.  This requires us leaving for at least four hours and then me scrubbing all the surfaces when it’s all done.  It was time.  Dan isn’t here.  Ian was camping. Tim was working.  Just me, Mike and Andy headed out into the big world to kill some time. 

Hmmm . . . we suck at killing time.  We’re not shoppers.  We’re broke.  That kind of limits the options.  We wandered around my favorite garden place for a while.  Then, it occurred to me that we had Andy trapped and it was a good time for force him to try on jeans.  He’s grown so much the past few months.  We dragged him to Old Navy.  We left with shell-shock and two pairs of jeans (everyone pray he doesn’t grow before it gets cold). 

What to do, what to do?  We still had to kill 2 hours.  We went to Michael’s and I found some yarn and needles to change things up a little bit.  I still suck at knitting, but I like knitting, so I stick with the cheaper yarn.  Anyone need a scarf?  Next up?  A run to Dollar Tree (everything is a dollar!) for some cleaning supplies and plastic cups.  Finally, I sat in the car knitting while Andy and Mike visited nerd-central – the Hobby place – to look at rocket-making supplies.  Color us officially shopped out for the year!

Sunday was fun.  We got to stay home.  I put in my fall garden – FINALLY!!!!  I was about half-way through when Preston, the 6 year-old who lives across the street, came to help me.  Whew!  I was sore and tired and there are few things more enthusiastic than a 6-year-old with a hand rake and a packet of carrot seeds!  I got a break, he got dirty and had fun.  At the top is a “map” of the garden – yes, I am that bored. Plus, markers are fun.  Here is a picture of the dirt filled with hidden seeds. 

Sunday evening, it cooled off, the kids made fire kites and the grown ups talked about football, groceries and other exciting grown-up stuff.  It was a really nice way to end the day.  

Storms are moving in – let’s hope the garden doesn’t flood.  Tomorrow is supposed to be messy!!! 

3 thoughts on “Back to the routine . . .

  1. You're growing quinoa?? Let me know how that works out! We've just started on our square foot gardening. Right now I will be happy with growing my own salad greens but plan to expand to quite a bit more than that.

  2. Thanks, Deana.

    Portia, I'll let you know on the Quinoa. I bought the seeds mainly because the colors on the picture looked pretty. Seems like you'd have to grow a field of it to yield anything meaningful. The sprouts are wispy, almost like dill. I'll keep you posted.

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