Oops . . .

Forgot to blog these past few days.  Well, I didn’t really forget, I just never got to it.  I could use another hour or two in everyday – I think I’d get a lot more done. 
We’ve had wonderful cool weather here since late last week.  THIS is the reason to live in Florida.  Shorts, barefeet and a sweatshirt in the evenings.  Ahhhh . . . The garden is enjoying the weather as well.  There are sprouts of every plant.  Very exciting stuff.  It’s supposed to warm up again tomorrow – 85 I think.  We’ll see how that goes.  Thus far, though, the fall/winter garden is looking promising.
Spent some time on Saturday in the thrift stores.  All of my winter clothes seem to be missing.  I’m thinking Dan is up in Tallahassee with some VERY short jeans.  Mine are all gone.  I found these awesome shoes – never worn — for $3.99.  We’re invited to a wedding in December and I think they’ll be perfect.  Now to find something other than sweat pants to wear with them. 
I don’t think I’ve mentioned Andy’s science with Alton Brown lately.  We really enjoyed “FRYING” week.  We had a lunch of fish and chips, delicious, one afternoon.  A few days later we made pork chops (fried for only a minute on each side and then baked) with a crust of salt and vinegar potato chips.  Go ahead, drool.  They were the best pork chops I’ve ever had.  Andy is doing all of the cooking, so the credit goes to him.  For dessert, we brought on the deep fryer again and fried up some cookie dough.  Yum – but one little piece was more than enough for me.  I’ll stick with fried Twinkies, thank you very much.
Last week, we sauteed.  Andy practiced sauteeing by flipping dried beans in the pan.  He graduated to tortellinis in butter, over actual heat.  The triumph of the week was his “Chicken with Garlic and Leeks.”  My mom came by to eat with us and she loved it too.  And, we love her just a little bit more for bringing pineapple upside down cake for dessert.  This week, we’re studying the art of boiling/poaching.  Not as much fun recipe-wise, but the science side is intriguing.  Friday, we’re going to poach a chicken in wine and stock and eventually turn it into chicken/sausage gumbo.  I’m looking forward to Friday. 
This past weekend was wonderful weather-wise.  It’s awesome to have the windows open again!  On Saturday morning, Mike and Andy were rough-housing and Mike smashed and broke his pinky toe.  Mike spent most of  the weekend in the recliner with ice off and on and a LOT of football and rugby.  I spent a LOT of time outside avoiding A LOT  football and rugby. I like both sport just fine, just not in 12-hour doses.  Mike’s never broken a toe before.  Do women go barefoot more often? Most women I know have broken toes in the past.  I’ve done it several times.  Mike seems to think I’m making my suggestions of taping two toes together, keeping his foot elevated and using Tylenol or whatever as necessary out of the blue.  Oh well, I guess he’ll figure it all out.  Right?????
Andy and I went out and picked up pumpkins tonight.  If you’re near an Aldi’s, all the pumpkins are $3.99.  They had some HUGE pumpkins at ours.  We’re keeping them in the cool house, uncut until Sunday or Monday – pumpkins get moldy fast in Florida.   It felt weird to only buy three pumpkins this year.  We miss you Dan!!!

3 thoughts on “Oops . . .

  1. good thinking on the combining science and getting dinner done. I'd been thinking that Ben needed to learn to cook. You've inspired me. He'll be at the Greyhound station tomorrow.j

    My captcha word today is “reptaals” which is, I believe, what they call lizards in South Carolina.

  2. We need a half credit of “practical arts” here in Missouri, and I'm stealing your idea of using Alton Brown as a text for the course.

    Also, my dd just got some amazing red high heels at Goodwill. It must be donate-your-red-shoes season. Have fun wearing yours!

  3. I have broken my toe, at least once, maybe more times. My dad always says, “If you were wearing shoes, it wouldn't have happened.” :::eyeroll:::

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