Well, this was most definitely a transitional Halloween for me.  Dan, of course, spent the holiday in Tallahassee.  (sniff – I sent him a bag of candy, an ugly-Mrs-Weasley-scarf and some soap), Tim and Ian went to a concert of some local bands.  It was just me, Andy and Mike.  In the 13 years we’ve lived here, trick-or-treating has been a group activity.  In the past, we’ve banded together with some other parents and kids and marched around the neighborhood.  Often the parents would dress up as well.  This year … not so much.  Parents are working different and/or more hours.  Girl children want to t-o-t with other girl children (not many of those on our street). 

As it worked out, a bunch of us assembled.  Quickly, the older boys (wah – Andy is now an OLDER boy) set off on their own trek for treasure.  The rest of us kept walking, slowly as we were basically herding cats.  We’d gone about 20 yards when it occurred to me that not ONE of the kids in our group was mine. WHY was I even there????  I’m now the creepy old neighbor.  Waaahhh.  I couldn’t figure out a graceful exit so I stuck with the group.  But, really????  I no longer have to dress up as the Keeper-of-the-Crypt, I AM the Keeper of the Crypt!!!!!  

Still, we had good pumpkins.  Mike stayed home and rested his sorry broken toe.  Toes seem like such silly things until one of them stops working.  And, it was fun when Andy got home to hear about his adventures.  He was really excited to have gone off on his own with his friends. I’m glad he had fun.  This is one of those transitional things (at least here it is), but it makes me a little sad. Won’t be too long until I’m complaining about my aching shoulders as I teach him to drive.  

I was really happy when Dan called on Tuesday and Andy was able to fill him in on all the details.  Andy REALLY misses Dan and I think the feeling is mutual.  I love when they get a chance to talk and I love that Dan will listen and have an actual conversation with Andy.  

Adding pictures – Andy is the kid with the burlap sack on his head (yes, I am proud) – he’s a scarecrow and designed his own costume.  The pumpkin is Tim’s creation.  A pumpkin eating an apple carved like a pumpkin vomiting watermelon.  :::sigh:::: I’m glad I took the time when I had it to make their costumes when they were little and cute and willing to wear whatever I pulled over their heads.

One thought on “Halloween!

  1. Alexander and 2 neighbor boys took Sean around our huge loop 2 times one on one side of the street and once on the other. They slept good once they got back. I was thankful not to have to go. Bittersweet that Alexander is old enough to be in charge!

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