Hanging out in the ‘hood . . .

Thanks American Science and Surpus.  Years ago I bought some action figures – Einstein, Da Vinci and Shakespeare to be exact.  They were awesome.  Durable, realistic and fun, fun, fun.  I think Da Vinci went to college with Dan.  Shakespeare mysteriously disappeared a couple of years ago.  Einstein, though, he was a trooper, he stuck with us!  Lately, he’s been hanging out on our “spinny thing” in the middle of the table, aka The Apprentice.  Sadly, Cally got to Einstein this evening.  I am sure it started as a bout of friendly frolicking, but it’s ended badly.  Just look at the picture.  Cally feels terrible, but as a reminder, I have shut down her Facebook account and cut out all of her television time.  I hope she learns from this.  😉 

I love Halloween.  I’m not all that uptight about the candy.  It’s a week out of a year.  We are not candy people, we don’t have huge dental issues, so my approach is “Go for it..”  Problem?  Ummmm . . . it would be me over-buying candy every year.  It WAS buy one get on free.  Mike and I seem to be on a mission to eat our weight in Butterfingers.  Surely, there is a bottom to this bowl.  Right??  

Mike started building a new fire pit this afternoon.  He says it will be ready for use tomorrow night.  I’m seeing Butterfinger s’mores for all the neighbors in our very near future. 

One thought on “Hanging out in the ‘hood . . .

  1. We bought the Publix Buy One Get One Free Butterfingers as well. AND Laffy Taffy (gross) but we had far fewer kids this year. It's sort of sad because five years ago we were mobbed with kids. It started slowing down a couple years ago.

    On the bright side, Butterfingers are NOT gluten free so I can't eat them anyway!

    Umm, was that Einstein's BRAIN that Cally ate? Better watch out for that one!

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