Blogging is easy

You get to write about whatever you want and it does not have to make sense day-to-day.  
Writing a novel is not like blogging (at least the way I blog).  I had a good start and was up to about 15,000 words on Sunday.  Monday morning, though, it came crashing down, I hated my novel.  I hated the people in it. I did not care one whit what happened to them.  Ugh. I deleted the whole mess.
So I started over late last night.  I like the new novel better, but, wow, I have a lot to write, I’ve lost over a week.  But, I like to write and I prefer to write about things and people/characters I like!  Only 44,000 more words to go.  

In other news, I’m a camera spaz.  The garden is growing really well – I had a picture.  The fire pit is cute and fun. We got rained out, though, Sunday night.  We did make some Butterfinger s’mores over the stove.  You need to do this.  They were really delicious – gooey, crispy, a little burnt . . . aahhhhhh.

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