Home inspections . . .

I am dying trying to write this silly novel.  My house is clean, clean, clean.  The laundry is completely caught up.  The garden is weeded.  The pantry is stocked.  Meals are being made and served pretty close to a normal dinner time.  The schoolwork is graded and planned for the next couple of weeks.  Wait!  I’m not done.  My toe nails are painted.  Things are plucked, shaved or whatever they need.  Emails are answered.  Bills are paid.  And, still I procrastinate – I never procrastinated when I was young. I hate getting old.

As I procrastinate (and consider going to the street behind our house to set the dog that has been barking for two hours straight free), I’ve been wondering what Nora Roberts or Stephen King or Maeve Binchy’s  or other prolific writer’s houses look like (pre-making-the-millions)?  Maybe this is something normal???

Okay, I AM going to set that poor dog free. If you’re going to have a dog in  neighborhood of small lots, you have to let the dog in the house.  Crate training is a good thing.  If you do not have acres and acres and acres surrounding your house, you simply cannot leave a dog trapped in a small space all night long and ignore its barking.  (And, yes, I did let my kids cry themselves to sleep sometimes.) This poor little dog (based on its bark) is frantic.

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