The Joy of Thrifting . . .

Went with Ian, Tim and Andy to Costco this afternoon to pick up a few basics.  I’m sure it is not you, dear readers, but the rest of the world needs to get a handle on the free sample thing!  People, especially old ones, are out of control.  Once again I remember why I avoid warehouse shopping on Fridays.  
On our way home, we stopped at Goodwill, because it was there.  I have been looking for a long table for the televison, but no luck.  As I was just about ready to leave, I noticed a stack of chairs in the corner.  Sure, they were bright green, but they were sturdy.  I flipped a chair over, it was a restaurant chair. The chairs we have had for the past 10 years were hand-me-downs from Chili’s and they were old when we got them from Chili’s.  Still they were sturdy and up to hard use by six people all day everyday.  These new chairs?  Same maker, much newer model.  Our kitchen is many things and one of them is multi-colored!  I’m going to stick with the bright green through Christmas.  The seats will be easy to re-cover once I figure out what the chairs are going to look like.  In the meantime, we’ll all be sitting in level chairs!  So exciting! Go ahead, guess what I paid for four awesome chairs?  
Okay, you gave up pretty quick.  I paid $6.99 per chair.  Go ahead, flip me a fish!!!!  Or not.  That deal was pure luck.  No skill involved.  

It’s the weekend and I’ll be dedicating myself to bad fiction, my own fiction in particular.  I’ll check in when I can.  As always, I’d appreciate a few extra thousand words if you have some just floating around. 

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Thrifting . . .

  1. Which Goodwill are you going to? The one out here in Winter Garden is awful! I really liked the Goodwill in East Orlando on Colonial. LONG drive for me.

    The word verify? Skins


  2. hmmmm I would paint them black and do something really funky with the seats…a patterned vinyl maybe in a paisley or geometric?

    My table came with cloth seats (2 littles and cloth seats, really?). So we waited until the cloth couldn't be cleaned anymore and I recovered them in a garnet vinyl scrap I got from JoAnne's. I love being able to just wipe them clean.

  3. LOL Laney – I like how you shop!

    Excellent words, JFS. I think oddment is my favorite.

    Portia, it's the Goodwill here in Winter Springs – on 434 off of 17-92. Another good thrift store is on the corner of 434 and Edgewater.

    Claire – I will probably go with black in the end. For now, though the funky green is growing on me.

  4. I has goodwill chairz!

    Found four of them at Goodwill, they were I THINK $8.99 apiece. They're big chunky dark wood, they really need to be refinished someday, but MAN are they sturdy.

    Got them home and put them upside down on a table on the back porch to clean them.

    Ethan Allen.

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