Goodbye Sunday . . .

Andy is done with football.  His best friend, Paul, finished up baseball this week.  For the first time in a long time they have had a full weekend of running around barefoot and filthy.  I love that they have this kind of time.  I do, however, wonder at my back yard.  Andy shouted to me, in the kitchen, to tell Ian to get the camera.  I know better than to rush outside for this kind of shout.  I yelled back to Ian to get the camera.  
There, in the middle of my back yard were two enormous albino turkeys.  Why The Face, I ask you?  To misquote Humphrey Bogart, “Of all of the yards . . . ” Gah!  Where in the world did these things come from and why are they living here?  I may never leave the house again at this rate.  I wonder if someone had them penned in their yard, I dunno to eat for Thanksgiving? But, I doubt it.  This is suburbia, we like our turkeys frozen and wrapped in lots of plastic.  Anyway, if anyone wants a pair of white turkeys please let me know.  
After I calmed down about the turkeys and made Andy and Paul circle the house aboutr 50 times to make sure they were no where to be seen, I went out to weed the garden.  I’m so old.  I was about half way through when Paul’s mom stopped over to ask if I wanted to go to a new nursery that has opened near us.  She needed a break from holiday cleaning and I needed to stand up straight for an hour or so.  Cool nursery – I came home with garlic ready to plant and some farm fresh eggs.  
When I arrived home, Mike was pretending to watch college football with his eyes closed and I found Andy, Paul and Cally hanging out in the hammock.  All Sundays should be this great!!!!  

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Sunday . . .

  1. I have never seen a white turkey in the wild. (well as wild as the suburbs get anyway) My parents always have turkeys roaming around their neighborhood that is bordered by woods.


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