Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

I am thankful to have my whole family under one roof tonight.  Dan came home this afternoon!!!  We have not seen him since August.  I love seeing how happy all four brothers are to be together tonight.  It won’t last long, but they’re sure happy right now.  
Giblet of the week?
I dragged Andy to the thrift store, my most favorite one, yesterday.  He was not pleased, but what can you do when you are 11 and your mom drags you somewhere? As I searched through different aisles, Andy entertained himself in the aisle of weird stuff.  (To the person who snagged up the $10 accordion before my son who had exactly $11 in his pocket, just in case,  God bless you!)  Andy came in search of me once he recognized the accordion was gone.  I was scanning the dresses.  I held one up and, more to myself than Andy, said, “Hmmmm, What do you think?”  Andy testily replied, “DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR GAY FRIEND?  No!  I am your son.  I’m only here because I cannot drive.”  :::sigh:::: I took that as our cue to leave. 
In Other New:s:
My mom is hosting me and 22 other lovely people for Thanksgiving dinner. I spent the day hosting the cousins while my mom and sister got the house ready.  While I hosted, I made about 8 million dinner rolls, some for our Thanksgiving dinner, some for a neighbor’s.  Glad I made so many.  As I was pulling the last batch out of the oven, every kid in the neighborhood and some of their parents showed up for hot rolls and butter.  I hope we can get through with just 2 million rolls for dinner.  I have the back up mashed potatoes made and ready to go.  I refuse to say how much butter I used there but, Paula Deen is smiling.  
In the morning, Mike will be making pies.  2 pumpkin, 1 cherry/cranberry, 1 chocolate and one apple.  He’s also going to be cooking the back up turkey breast.  As I type, the boys are tromping in the attic, not quite through the ceiling yet, hunting down the Christmas lights.  That is how they’ll spend their morning – festivating our house at moderate heights with staple guns in hand.
I’m going to work on my sad, sad novel now.  I’m sore far behind @ 27.000 words.  I will be bummed if I don’t finish.  I was lazy about it this time around.  But, who knows?  This weekend will make it or break it for me.  I don’t know, this is on of those dumb things that means a lot to me and no one else.  Yes, that counts, but maybe not as much as other stuff?  
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  (I will accept any and all leftover stuffing (plain, cornbread, sausage, oyster, you name it!) should you feel the need.)

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

  1. “do I look like your gay friend?” Snicker. Kids.

    Have a lovely day! I've been hosting the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for about 10 or more years now. My mom cannot do it anymore. On the flip side, I am the better cook. Shh don't tell her that.

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