Evil, thy name is procrastination . . .

When did I become a procrastinator?  Ugh . . .Yet, here I am.  I will have to pull a miracle to finish this stupid novel that no one cares about but me.  Still . . . Thanksgiving was great!  My mom managed to fit all 25 of us into her living/dining room, see the picture?  Isn’t her house pretty?  
Wednesday, Uncle Paul dropped off my two nephews and only niece for the day.  He had errands to run.  My mom and my sister were getting the house and all the food ready.  Ian was on his way to Bing’s (my mom) with chairs and tables and the muscle to empty her living room!  Tim was working.  Mike was working.  Dan was on his way home from Tallahassee!  Andy was thrilled to have his cousins around.  They ran wild in the back yard, swinging and running and shouting while I made rolls and some “back-up” mashed potatoes.  At one point the kids came in and ate REALLY fast and ran back out.  As the day wore on, more kids showed up and then some more.  Funny how they showed up in time for the last batch of rolls to come out of the oven – even funnier how their parents seemed to come with them.  
Thanksgiving Day was the best.  There was just the right mix of big kids and little kids and everyone was happy.  Everything was so pretty.  There was a ton of food.  My mom cooked the biggest turkey I have ever seen, 24 lbs(Yes, my mom essentially baked a two year old in her oven and he was delicious).  And, we all ate nearly everything in the house!  It was fun to see old friends and to have new families join us as well.  It’s pretty overwhelming how much we all have to be thankful for sometimes.  In a good way!
Friday was spent putting up Christmas lights that did not go up Thanksgiving Day, a first.  Saturday, I ran out of Allegra D and tried the wee Allegra we had in the house.  Ummm . . . no.  I am dying from some kind of pollen right now.  I went to the grocery pharmacy and got some Allegra D.  I asked the pharmacist what the odds were of me killing myself or ending up in the emergency room if I took one of the Allegra D a mere 8 hours after taking one of the on the shelf Allegra’s.  He looked at me and said, “Ma’am, I cannot tell you to ignore the instructions printed clearly on the box.”  I nodded.  I was not out to get anyone fired.  I paid for the drugs and started out to my car when, there was the pharmacist, casually walking near me but not looking at me.  “I can’t say much,” he muttered, “but you won’t end up in the emergency room.” At that, he veered off in a new direction.  I bought a bottle of water and ran to my car to take a real  pill.  Lo and behold, I was human within 90 minutes.  Thank you pharmacist!!!!  
While I was out, Dan and Mike had also been out.  By the time we all got together again, I learned that we had some people coming over to watch the Florida/Florida State game.  Mike was going to make wings.  I ran back to the store to get sodas, chips and beer.  When I came back, I learned there were more people coming.  What had started out as Mike and the boys watching the game, turned into Mike, the boys and at least 20 other people watching the game!  
Impromptu is good and fun.  I did not have time to do much more than make sure the bathroom was clean. People brought snacks and drinks as they rolled into the house.  No time to worry or do anything but visit and have fun.  AND, bonus, our mean neighbor never even called the police!!!!

And, now I go write.  

2 thoughts on “Evil, thy name is procrastination . . .

  1. Well dang…hope this doesn't post twice…blogger said they couldn't process my request so I am trying again. (If it does, please delete one of the two posts).

    You haven't posted that your neighbor has been actively persecuting you lately. I hope she is alright.

    Some people call the police for a well check on a neighbor if the newspaper piles up. Wouldn't it be ironic if you called the police to check on your neighbor because you are worried about her because she hasn't called the police on you in a while?

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