Quick! Someone flip me a fish!

I did it!!!  I finished my Nano Book!!!!!! Okay, I did not actually finish the book, but I hit the 50,000 word mark before midnight AND those 50,000 words make me a winner, at least until I fall asleep tonight.  I’m guessing I have another 20,000 words to go to actually finish the story I started.  

Whew!!!!!  Lesson learned.  I am not a good procrastinator.  I will not procrastinate again.  Really.  I promise. I think.
So, this makes my fifth Nano book out of seven tries.  I actually like this one.  I liked my first, but that was mostly because it was first. I hated the other ones, but I wrote them to the end. This one feels more like a real, albeit badly planned, book to me.  
Okay then, that’s over.  Hello December!!!!

2 thoughts on “Quick! Someone flip me a fish!

  1. Good for you for finishing! It's a terrible time of year what with Thanksgiving and then planning for Christmas.

    Now take that story, polish it up and send it out!

  2. CONGRATS again!!!! I still have your first book 🙂

    I am updated on your blog now and finally figured out how to comment.

    Merry Christmas!

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