Rant and repent . . .

In my last post I ranted.  I don’t do that too often and now I remember why . . . there are always consequences. Sunday night was Mike’s birthday (happy belated b-day to Ami Mental!). It was weird not having Danny here, but we managed.  Andy actually scrounged up 49 assorted candles and Mike managed to blow them all out (it helped that they were concentrated on a small angel food cake). Mike’s 50th is most definitely going to be an outside cake.  There is a great picture on Tim’s camera and I promise to share soon.
Later that night, Ian, Tim and I were working out their community college classes and the end of their senior year of high school.  In the past, this has been a fairly easy proposition.  Sunday night?  Ian was being mean and ugly and finally I suggested, firmly, that he go to bed.  Sure enough, 6 am, Tim woke me to tell me Ian was barfing his guts out.  How many years?  And, yet, I never catch on.  My kids are many things but they are not mean or nasty – UNLESS they are on the verge of getting majorly sick.  Doh!
Pollen is bad here, so I let Ian go for two days thinking stomach virus – his temp was up and down, and he had no symptoms other than the fever and the vomiting.  I was kicking myself for slacking on the boys’ flu shots.  Last night was bad. High fever (over 103) lots of dry heaves, lots of miserableness. And, still, Ian is not registered for his classes.  I called around in the morning and they agreed to let Tim come in and register for Ian.  It took forever, but it’s done.  It was too late by then for us to go see our regular doctor, so we went to the CVS Minute Clinic.
At one point, I thought I was going to have to drag Ian through the store he was so shaky. I have not seen him this sick since he was about 6-7.  Somehow the Shaggy-chin-beard makes him even sadder than when he weighed 42 lbs.  We got in right away and the nurse practitioner was like a tall, fat sister to our Aunt Judy.  Ian and I were both smiling as she did her work.  It’s nice to find comfort in weird places like that.  We both knew “pseudo-Aunt Judy” would fix Ian.  
He has strep and a sinus infection.  Gah.  Poor Ian has been asleep since around 3:30.  I keep waking him to drink something and he’s had two antibiotics.  His fever is down.  He’s snoring on the couch as I type.  I think he should be feeling much better late tomorrow. Cross your fingers!  He was so sad today.  I used to get strep all the time as a kid and young adult and few things make you feel worse.
And, did you see how skillfully I made it all about me?  I ranted on Saturday, Ian fell sick on Sunday.  Yes, I do live in the year 1256. 

2 thoughts on “Rant and repent . . .

  1. Heehee.. yes, it IS always about us, but only on our blogs where we have a captive audience.

    Teh strep??? Aaaaaarghhhhh!

    I HATE strep. When I get it, it hits me like a large bus. Fine one second, smashed flat and oozing fluids the next.

    I hope Ian feels better today. At least with antibiotics, strep disappears a lot faster than in 1256.

    And my word recognition to leave this comment is “Dudebop”

    Just felt like that was relevant.

  2. Dudebop is my new favorite – that's awesome.

    My mom suggested that Ian is now nearly an adult that the strep is hitting him more like it does me or you. Whatever, the poor kid is still a wreck, a little better, but he's a mess.

    I'll remind him next time he wakes up to be thankful it's not 1256 LOL.

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