Who’s in charge?

I already did high school, if you are the one in charge.  I already had to deal with monster zits on special occasions.  I’m old now.  I rarely get a chance to dress up. Mike and I are going to a wedding on Saturday.  I have an awesome dress, kick-ass shoes and yet, somehow, I have a monster zit dead-center on my cheek.  I’m not talking about a spot or a blemish or a pimple, I’m talking about a Saturday Night Live skit-zit.  Every time I pass the boys’ bathroom, I dab on a blob of oxy 10.  Now I have a dry flaky zit. And, just this past minute, I walked by the boys’ bathroom, blobbed on some stuff and realized I have just treated my monster zit with athlete’s foot cream.  Oh yeah, I’m going to be looking hot on Saturday. 
Whoever is in charge of this – FIX IT! (Please.)

3 thoughts on “Who’s in charge?

  1. Oh, NO! I hope whomever is in charge will cure your zit. Then send them directly over to my house, because I've got one on my forehead that is not only ugly, but is also giving me a headache!

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