Reverse prom?

Last night, Mike, me and two other couples from our neighborhood were lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of friends of ours.  Like most people with kids and a small budget, getting dressed up and going out for a wedding + dinner and dancing is a big deal.  We were all excited for the evening.  
We paid Dan, Tim and Ian to serve as sitters for the younger kids and to be our chauffeurs.  Our Suburban holds eight,  The wedding and reception were within 10 minutes of the house.  And, as it was the first time in about four years that we’ve all gone out together we decided it was worth paying the boys to drive us safely to and from our destination. I think it ended up being a good lesson for the boys as well. (This picture is of our across the street neighbors – Paul and Preston’s parents – aren’t they cute?)
What a fun wedding!  Steve and Terry have both been married before and they have been dating for several years.  The past six months have been rough on both of them.  Steve’s mom passed away unexpectedly a few months ago.  Terry’s mom died after a long illness just six weeks ago.  Since her mom’s death, Terry struggled with pneumonia.  She was a tall, thin woman to begin with and I was surprised to see how much weight Terry had lost yesterday.  Still, Terry was a beautiful bride.  The ceremony was just lovely with Terry’s adult daughter and Steve’s 13 year-old daughter participating. 
There were about 100 people attending and we all had so much fun during the reception eating and drinking and dancing and sharing stories.  It was like playing a real life Kevin Bacon game – how many degrees are you separated from the bride and groom?  It’s funny what you can learn about people during these kind of conversations.  Mike says it’s not the conversations but that people just like to tell me stuff, either way, it’s fun. 
The wedding was at 3:30 and we were there until around 7 pm.  Dan came and picked us up and we headed to a funky local place.  Dan dropped us off and we told him we would call for a ride home. Dan handled us all very nicely and barely rolled his eyes  as the backseat drivers shouted advice as he drove.

While at the funky local place, we ran into a dozen Caroling Elvises (with bee-hived girlfriends no less) raising money for a local hospital. How fun is that?  We danced.  We laughed.  And then we pooped out and came home.  All the kids slept here last night, as they were mostly crashed anyway. A few years ago, I would have said our neighbors owe us, but eh, our kids are all old enough that we usually have to wake them up anymore. No big deal.  Mike is always up early and I could hear him out in the kitchen laughing and making pancakes for breakfast with the littlest guy – who in the end opted for cereal lol, while I snuggled back under the covers and slept in – Mike is my favorite.

All in all, it was a truly fun evening.  Normally, when we all get together at someone’s house, we’re in sweats or shorts or (if you’re me) overalls.  No make up.  No earrings.  No cologne.  Last night was different.  I had forgotten how handsome Mike is when he wears a suit and, apparently, Mike had forgotten I had legs.  Huh.  We all talked about how we’ll have, between all of our kids, eight weddings coming up eventually/possibly. Who knows, by then we might all know the music and line dances? Or not. Probably not.  😉 
Before we left, I got a chance to talk to the bride.  I asked her how she had managed to keep her strapless dress up after losing so much weight.  She gleefully reached down the front of her dress and started pulling out t-shirts.  Yep.  Reverse prom indeed.  As we were waiting for my son to pick us up, the “queen of the prom” was unstuffing her bra and we were all laughing hysterically.  It got even funnier when she pulled out (beyond the multiple t-shirts) a random paper towel and a piece of foil.  Ahhhh, it’s nice to have funny friends.
I’m going to stick some pictures in here.  As you can see, I have relied too heavily on my sons for good pictures AND my camera kind of sucks.  I have no business behind or in front of a camera, but I promised pictures to my mom and others. 

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