It’s officially a holiday!!!!!

Sick kid? Check!  Andy woke this morning with a high fever and in a panic that he that he had the same strep that Ian just had.  Our regular doctor is on vacation, so we went to the local doc-in-a-box.  Crazy – he has an ear infection!!!!  Andy has not had an ear infection since he was two!  He was up and down all day. I am hoping a full round of the abx will bring results in the morning.  I’ve never been so happy to have a kid with “just” an ear infection.  He’s been snuggled in with Cally for about four hours now, let’s hope that does the trick. (I am so relieved, though, that we have not contaminated the  neighborhood.  Andy is sick, but he was never contagious. Whew!!!!)
Police? Check!!! We had our first official holiday visit from the police this afternoon.  It WAS our (read Mike’s) fault – Mike was testing a rocket engine (NOT a rocket) and a 1 x 1 piece of pvc bounced off of the neighbor’s roof.  Who the heck can even hear that? You got it, our neighbor.  And, rather than call here or stick her head out the door and ask “WTF?” She opted to call the police.  They came.  They talked to Mike for 15 minutes and then talked to our insane neighbor again.  Then, the police stayed and watched Mike drag an extension ladder to the neighbor’s house to check her roof for debris.  Nothing.  Gah – we’ve gone too long without regular police visits and we’ve been slacking – I did not even have a cookie plate ready.  I wonder what the rest of the the holiday holds?  I wrapped up soap to stick in her mailbox as kind of a thank you for the lack of police visits these past few months, but now I’m rethinking the whole thing. 
Saltine Toffee?  Check!  I made two lovely batches this evening, but every time I make this stuff, I am reminded of the first time I tried to make this stuff.  (Really, click on the link, it’s a funny story.) 
Okay, I still have a few things to finish up tonight, we’ll talk later. . . 

3 thoughts on “It’s officially a holiday!!!!!

  1. I'm glad it was just an ear infection. Hope he feels better soon. I knew I'd been missing a good neighbor/police story. Thanks!

    I tried to email you a couple of weeks ago, did you get it?

  2. Mmm, I was thinking about that Saltine Toffee just other day. I only tried it once, back when it was all the rage on WTM board, and didn't have the recipe. I might have to make a batch, except I don't have saltines. Plenty of butter, though.

    It's always nice to check things off the list, even if it's sick kids and police visits. What would we do without our special holiday traditions?

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