Day One 202121

And, actually, it’s already Day Two.  LOL.  

I hope everyone had a nice New Year’s Eve, whether you went to bed early or stayed up late partying.  For the first time in years and years, no police visited our house!!!!  We were sore confused.  By the end of the night, the plates we’d prepared for the police had been eaten – by us.  

Despite the lack of flashing lights and sirens, we had a really awesome New Year’s Eve.  At its peak, our crowd reached about 40 people.  Mostly though, it was good friends, family and a lot of really tall kids.  Oh. And food.  A LOT of food. 

The neighbors way down on the end of the street spent the big bucks this year and had monster fireworks early in the evening. All the fun, none of the hassle.  They are my new favorite neighbors!!!!  We all had tons of little fireworks here – funny how the bigger boys lose their love of monster fireworks when they’re the ones paying for them.  HUH?  

My parents were here early in the evening to celebrate Ian and Tim’s birthday.  My brother was missed, he succombed to the horrible sore thoat/head cold/sleeping sickness that seems to be sweeping Florida.  I saw a couple of my neighbors actually wipe away tears as we sang Happy Birthday.  We’ve lived here since the twins were four and Ian went around introducing himself as “Murphy.”   Still trying to figure Ian out.

We had a fire outside (it was below 70 and brrrrr). The kids are all old enough now that we don’t have to worry about someone running away from home or something crazy.  They were great and, did I mention the food? Man, can they eat.  Confetti, balloons, fireworks, food and no police!!!!  It doesn’t get much better.  

We all crammed into the house to watch the ball drop and say “Awwww” about Dick Clark.  We used the Pick Your Nose cups my sister sent for Christmas for our champagne/soda toast. Funny stuff.  I love the picture of mostly everyone stuffed into the living room for this picture.  So many years . . . talk amongst yourselves.  

After the ball dropped, we headed outside for the end of the fireworks and Dan, Tim and Ian surprised us with these amazing paper lanternsI grabbed a bunch of sharpies and everyone wrote their New Year wishes on one of the eight lanterns.  I have to say, the lanterns were FAR better than any of the fireworks.  At first everyone was joking about writing their wishes down and after we all saw the first lantern go up, everyone wanted to write real wishes.  They were really beautiful.  A new (and blessedly quiet) tradition is born!!!!!  

Tonight, we invited anyone who was around to come eat leftovers adorned as new food – I love meatballs and all that, but I cannot face eating them night and day for a solid week.  Some people stopped by, picked up what they wanted to eat and went home, others stayed and ate with us (much more fun).  We were all packed safely into our houses by 8 pm and I have a manageable amount of food here.  Although, if you need cookies, let me know, we still have a mountain of them!!!!  By the time I convince Mike we do not have 19 kids, the 4 kids we do have will be long gone. 

Now, I’m moping around the house, finishing up the laundry.  Dan goes back to Tallahassee tomorrow.  He’s a slob, for sure, but I am really, really going to miss him.  I think I’m going to miss him more than I did when he left this summer.  WAAHHHHH.  

Overall, it was a good start to 2012. 

7 thoughts on “Day One 202121

  1. Dammit, Amy, who guys sound like so much fun – if we EVER get down to Florida to do the Potter World/Disney thing i am demanding a chance to stop by and met you!

    Yes – your own internet stalker 🙂

  2. Whoa, the lanterns are SO COOL! We were somewhere with those recently, and I was wanting to do them sometime … why didn't we think of doing them on New Year's Eve? Too busy setting off loud stuff, I guess.

    And not having the police show up? That just seems wrong. Did your neighbor drop dead, by any chance?

  3. I don't want to be chastised here, but I think you might be waaaaaay too much fun to be a homeschooler. Perhaps you should reconsider the choices you have made. 😉 Of course, I kid. I LOVE how you guys always do your own thing! And am I the only one who has a “What Would Amy Do?” button?

  4. Really? No cops? At all? Are you sure you didn't miss them. They may have gotten lost in the crowd of 40 people.

    I saw those paper lanterns on a movie once, I always wanted to try them for real. What fun!

  5. Where o where has my Amy gone? I look forward to my Amy “funnies” to keep me laughing. I NEED that to jump-start my day! No pressure though.. Hope all is well Jay

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