I hate sharing . . .

I have all kinds of pictures to show you . . . pictures that show my new-found appreciation at being healthy and awake and awake.  But… I share a card reader with Ian and Tim and I do not dare enter their room without full light . . . it’s that crowded.  I hate sharing sometimes.
I wish the appreciation I have for my current healthiness was something I could maintain and not just take for granted.  The past few days have been wonderful!  Up early (well, early-ish) and focused.  I’ve moved the game closet to Andy/Danny’s room, freeing up a giant closet for linens (as it was originally intended).  I feel so grown up.  In all the years we have lived here we have never used that closet as a linen closet.  Now, it’s so purty (we just need better linens).  As a result of that renovation, our bedroom closet is nearly empty!  I also cleaned out the by-the-front-door closet.  Up north, this closet would be a coat closet.  Down here, it’s about school and craft storage.  Again, it’s nearly empty now.  Sheesh!  In addition, I painted the computer desk – very cool and now it blends in with the rest of the room!  I rearranged some bookshelves and now our bedroom looks and feels bigger (go figure) and the kitchen is making me smile.  And, I have no pictures, but I will.
On the outside, I’ve torn out most of the winter vegetable garden (look for an email Portia), cleaned up some of the outside front of the house and, because our laundry is in the garage (which is in the front of the house) cleaned that up as well.  I LOVE having this energy and I’m trying to preserve it. In the works are chair makeovers and a quilt for our bedroom (bought the fabric tonight!).  Also, I’m in love with the Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastics!  I remade an outside chair the other night.  Next up?  The neighbors’ pool area – it’s going to look amazing when we’re done.  Yes, there will be pictures.  😉  
What else? Not much.  Ian and Tim are into their new school routine.  Andy is slowly coming round to things again and so am I. Strangely, we’re still on schedule – I guess all the earlier years DID help me learn to plan more realistically! Huh. Andy turns 12 on Friday.  Wah!  My BA-BEE is going to be 12.  How did this happen?   And, still, I look like I did back in my early 30’s (if it’s dark and shadowy and you’re not wearing your glasses!).  

So, nothing really new here.  I’m just enjoying feeling fully human and functional and trying to make the best of it.  Anyone need a closet cleaned out? I’m just about out of projects. 

(Picture?  That’s Tim using his new studio lights – a b-day gift from my brother. I dunno, I think he thinks he’s cuter than you think he is – but he’s still pretty cute, huh?)

4 thoughts on “I hate sharing . . .

  1. He looks so grown up!! And cute!

    Um, I have several closets if you feel up to the flight. In return I will cook 3 meals a day (OK or take you to 3 really cool places to eat 3 times a day).

    I am trying to organize Piper's room. Christopher's room is frightening, and Noah and Peyton share and are boys.. ha ha!

    I'll be waiting at the airport for you… See you soon 🙂

  2. I'm just over a lesser illness, and also had an energy burst in which I started organizing the kitchen to within an inch of its life. But the lesser illness apparently gave a lesser energy rebound, because now that the kitchen's done I've totally lost interest, and I still need to do the laundry and one of the bedrooms.

    At least now that I've read your post I realize the problem — I wasn't sick enough to begin with.

  3. He IS cute!!! After reading your post I am feeling incredibly lazy.
    A linen closet. How luxurious! Ours is crammed with school stuff. I keep looking at it and thinking that I could probably clean it out now, and put stuff like…you know…linens. And then I look at my linens. 😦
    But I hear you saying it's worth it, so perhaps I shall tackle it this weekend! I can't wait to see the pictures! I have a small house, and I am always looking for creative ways to use my space! Glad that you are feeling better.

  4. He's very handsome. You know he is, you can admit it on the blog, we understand. 😉

    I began a 66 day cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering challenge today. YES, it's THAT BAD! Hopefully in a couple of months I'll be feeling pretty darn great about myself as well.

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