I AM a grown up!!!!

Despite my many posts that prove the opposite, I am an actual grown up person.  I do stoopid things every now and then but, mostly, I live my life as a adult.  WHY WHY WHY then can I not get the allergy medicine I need? Allegra-D is the best invention ever as far as I am concerned.  I think my family would agree.  I KNOW Ian and Tim (legally now grown ups) agree.  Andy also takes Allegra-D. (Andy is NOT a grown up, he just plays one on TV.)   We all take it for about 3-4 months each winter and again in the fall – you know, allergy season (at least in Florida).  Four people taking one tablet a day for thirty days equals 120 tablets, right?  (I used the calculator to be sure.)  
Well, someone “in charge” has decided that we can only  buy 10 tablets at a time and each adult in the house can buy 10 tablets per month.  Four adults times 10 tablets each month leaves us about (hang on, getting out the calculator) 80 tablets short.  Allegra-D doesn’t work if you don’t take it continuously during the seasons you need it.   Well, we NEED it. We’re rationing it.  It’s getting mean here.
Tonight, I asked the pharmacist (I was at Wal-Mart, but it’s the same at all the drug stores and super markets) WHY I could not get the medicine I need.  She was a cute, young woman and she shrugged and said, “Well, people use it to make ‘bad things’ (her words not mine) and we have to control it.”  Arrrrgghhhhh …  I get that people make meth out of some drugs.  But, c’mon  … every single person who doesn’t use or make meth has to submit their info to a national database?????  Drugs are bad and they ruin lives.  But, allergy medicine also life-changing in a good way.  I would submit that there are more allergy sufferers than drug makers/users. Why the database?  Can’t the stores just use judgement and say, “Hey, you’re buying 30 boxes of this stuff, I’m going to say ‘NO.'”  
Is anyone else struggling with this? Do laws vary state-to-state? Is this a state law or a national one? I want to know who to bother in terms of my representatives.  I’m not asking for anything crazy.  I want 30 pills per month for about 5-6 months out of the year and I want that for everyone in my family that needs it.  Why does the majority of law-abiding citizens have to suffer for the relatively few illegal drug manufacturers/users? Is there NO other way to find these people?  
But …(think of me using my best Sham-Wow-guy voice)… there’s more… 
While at WalMart tonight, I bought six cans of spray paint for various projects.  I had to produce identification, which was then entered into the cash register/computer in order to buy each can.  I asked why. I was told that some people like to sniff spray paint, mostly young people.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?????  Again, why can’t common sense rule? A clerk sees a person who appears to be under 18 buying nothing but a box of spray paint?  Can she not just say, “Sorry, I can’t sell this to you?” No, ALL the people buying spray paint for legitimate reasons have to have their privacy invaded and (I’m not sure about this part) put into a database?????  
I also make soap.  I buy lye (because without lye you cannot make soap) and, generally, when I buy lye, I buy quite a bit (50# or so). I have to submit a waiver, pay HAZMET fees and all of that. Mike and Andy build and launch rockets.  Some of the stuff they use for rocket fuel, hmmm, also used to make drugs. Again, Mike has to submit a waiver and pay HAZMET fees to buy this stuff.  We’re okay with the HAZMET stuff because it is dangerous stuff to transport, but the waiver?  Not so much. 
Our house is a toxic dump.  Yet, somehow, we manage to use scary drugs, chemicals and paint for legitimate purposes! In the nearly 10 years I have been making soap, I have not poisoned one person, nor have I “misplaced” any of my lye.  In my twenty years of parenting, I have not killed one child with allergy medicines (and, believe me, we’ve gone through the gamut).  Yet, I am treated as though I’m trying to get away with something when I buy things for a reason?????  
Am I alone? I’ll be researching tomorrow because I am going to start writing letters and making phone calls. If nothing else, I am much nicer if I can take my Allegra-D each morning.  And, just because I have a burst of creativity/energy where I am painting every dang thing in the house should not make me accountable to the folks at Wal-Mart and whoever else is getting my information.  

Okay, I’m done.  I’m clinging to my last dose of Allegra-D.  We have used up our allowance for the month according to Wal-Mart, Walgreens and CVS (yes, I’m turning into something like an illegal drug-manufacturer in search of supplies all the time).  I imagine before the month ends, I will get grumpier – pollen and the unceasing headaches, sleepiness and gooey eyes do that to me.  Or not.  Maybe I can figure out how to use those paint fumes to my advantage??????

9 thoughts on “I AM a grown up!!!!

  1. We can't even get 10 pills per person here in MS. You need a prescription to buy anything containing pseudo-ephedrine! Thus, a $10 box of generic Sudafed costs me at least one $75 doctor visit a year (usually two since most doctors won't renew prescriptions without seeing you at least every 6 months). This gets extremely pricy when you don't have health insurance… so I go without. Usually I'm good. Last year, I ended up with a $300 doctor bill when I got so clogged I developed a sinus infection and my ear drums almost burst! I really only need it for about a month in early spring.

    It's really sad when your own mother offers to buys you medicine you need and “smuggle” it to you.

    The state is now running PSAs on the radio telling people how wonderful the new law has been for our state and thanking people for participating in such “common sense” legislation. (Like we really have a choice.)

  2. Funny thing is that people who are drug addicts lie and cheat all the time and get unlimited amounts of pills. Yet, law abiding citizens cannot. Grrrr.

    ~Julie S.

  3. Oh, Amy, how completely ridiculous. I cannot believe you aren't allowed to have enough for a month! That's insane. I know we are limited in how much pseudo ephedrine we can purchase here, but I'm not sure I can't get enough for a month. That's just nuts. Could you get a prescription that would allow you to buy what you need?

  4. We have to have a prescription here in Oregon for all that stuff, too. But the doctor decides how much we need, not the pharmacy.

    Have you talked to a doctor?

  5. Wow. Just, wow. I see our freedoms eroding away every day and here is another example of the nanny state. I am ashamed of the people in our country who think the government is here to “take care of us.” All those recent earthquakes in the US are the founder fathers rolling over in their graves.

  6. I have the same complaint, but unless they've changed the law in FL in the last 6 mos. or so, you might be able to buy more plain pseudo-ephedrine than Allegra D. Then just take a Allegra and sudafed to the same dosage as the combined Allegra D. I don't like combo drugs, so I tend to do that anyway.

    Definitely call your doctor about this and DON'T give up! (Call the media.)

  7. Want me to go buy some and mail it to you? I live in FL too so I'm sure I'm under the same restriction but I can get as much as I can and have my husband do the same 🙂

  8. Can you stock up in off-season months so that you'll have enough during allergy season?

    I have no idea what the law is in our state, but I do know all those drugs are kept behind the pharmacy counter, so I'm sure it's something similar. What a pain.

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