Do over?

Let’s pretend I did not complain about the restrictions on allergy medicines and our familial woes over rationing the pills, shall we?  Never mind.  When do “do overs” stop working?  Around age 9-10, huh? I’m a little late.  
Saturday, I continued my productive streak and painted the awesome, but VERYgreen, Goodwill chairs. You can see in the picture how fun they look now.  (Well, I think they’re fun, your mileage may vary.)  $6.99 per chair, $24 in spray paint and polyurethane, fabric was free from my stash as was the scotchguard.  $13 per chair? I’m pleased.  
Andy, who in case you had not heard, has officially turned 12, did not lose a minute telling me that Dan was 12 when I let him watch the show 24.  Fair enough.  So, since Andy’s birthday, he and I have been staying up way too late watching the awesomeness of Jack Bauer.  This Saturday we were supposed to watch three in a row.  We watched one and started another and I could feel myself fading.  My throat was scratchy, my head ached and UGH!!!!!! Andy watched the third episode.  I woke up with a stiff neck on the love seat where I crashed sometime during episode two. I did appreciate that Andy tossed a comforter over me and locked up the house, though. 
And, here we are.  It’s officially Friday, though I’m still counting it as Thursday.  I had a relapse of whatever I had at the beginning of January.  Not quite as miserable, but Sunday-Wednesday are pretty much a blur of sleeping between bouts of Tylenol and cough drops.  Yes, I did think about going to the doctor.  But . . . I never had a fever.  Everything coming out of my head is clear.  My throat had no spots.  It’s just a killer headache, sore throat, cold combination.  Today, I was so excited to wake up feeling mostly human.  Turns out at least two of my neighbors (who both had a bout with the first goo) were sick this week as well.  I am trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule – not that I ever had one, but it’s never too late to start, huh?  The laundry is caught up.  The desk is cleared.  I think I paid all of the bills for the month and there is bread in the oven.  Ahhhh . . . the world is coming back into focus.  
Poor Andy.  It’s been a long school week for him. We have a pretty solid routine and much of what he does he can do on his own or with a little kick start lesson.  Still, it’s gotta be a bummer to do your whole math lesson and bring it back to your mom who was enthusiastic just 30 minutes ago only to have her drool on your notebook.  We muddled through – the upside is Andy’s been doing history all week and tomorrow is science – Alton Brown muffins here we come! 
Ian and Tim were also instrumental in the running of the household, though as they get older they get more selective.  Their stuff was laundered.  Their dishes were done. You know, about what you expect from 18 year olds with their mom drooling on their little brother’s math notebook 18 out of 24 hours.  Lucky them.  I was up and ready for them this morning.  What is it about having teenagers that turns a person into a raging witch? Oh well.  Danny survived it and he still calls me voluntarily, I guess Ian and Tim will too.  Right? 
Mike?  Bless his little heart.  He worries about me when I get sick but it’s comical to watch him avoiding me or anything I might have touched.  He’s right to do this as it’s really just him and my brother running the business.  But, still I was tempted to buy him those late night tv tong things that people in the scooter chairs are supposed to use to get things from grocery shelves. 
Oh well, cross your fingers this is the end of it.  I’ve seen more television this past month than I usually watch in six – and it’s not good.  I’m planning ahead just in case I get sick again – I had Tim pick up a cd player at Goodwill.  Now, if nothing else, I can listen to Harry Potter or another book while I wait out the worst of it. Has anyone else noticed the irony? I would be fine with being sick, if I could lay around and read.  But, when you’re really sick, reading is the hardest thing in the world to do. It’s just cruel.  But, now I’m “recuperating,” I plan on using the weekend to read all the books I received at Christmas and have yet to get to.  Are your fingers still crossed?

2 thoughts on “Do over?

  1. Aw, you sound like you were wretched, poor dear. But you're right that the doc likely couldn't have done anything. That's a drink lots of water and moan softly type illness.

    Love the chairs. I've been haunting Goodwill for chairs like that for years. My table and chairs were bought to go in our BIG dining room in our last house (um, which we moved out of 8 years ago) and they're too big for this one. I'm now trying to convert Steve to my Mismatched-chairs-are-funky! POV so I can get these giant-ass things out of my house. ahem.

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