46, huh?

I love the Superbowl not for the football so much as for the food.  Once I turned 25 or so, it occurred to me that I am always the same age as the Super Bowl.  I did not mind it so much when I was 25 and 30, now, eh, maybe a little.  This year we DID NOT have a party here.  How fun is that? We went to the neighbors’ house and I did not clean one bathroom!!!! While I helped my neighbor clean up after the game, I did not spend hours cleaning up my own house. I love having parties here, but a break is nice too. BONUS?  The mean neighbor that hates us? She loves this neighbor so no police!!!!!
Still, we have food issues.  As we were starting to the neighbors’ house, Mike said, “It doesn’t seem to matter whether there are five people or fifty, we always have too much food.”  I laughed.  I laughed harder as we made our third trek to the neighbors’ with even more food.  Lots of food.  Lots of friends.  It was a really fun evening and – bonus – the game ended super-early!!!!! Food? BBQ shrimp, meatballs and bread, bruschetta, Texas caviar&seven layer dips with chips, an amazing sandwich  for the vegetarians (and anyone who likes food – we even used the broccoli from the garden!), I am forgetting stuff, but, oh!!! how I love Super Bowl food.  
I sat near the food and with the folks who were not too much interested in the game.  We ate and fed kids and talked about strange things unrelated to football.  Early in the day, we had all entered our initials on a grid and paid into some kind of pool.  I have no clue how it works, BUT, I won the first two quarters!  $80 and all the snacks you can eat – can’t beat that!  
What else? Not too much. Everyone is dying from allergies, but we’re altogether healthy and that’s my goal for now. Mike has been my hero the past two weeks.  Each year my mom gets him a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine. He loves reading it (the man gets stacks of cook books from the library and reads them like the rest of us read novels each week)) but, most of the time the recipes are not practical and/or affordable for us.  THIS month was the exception!!!!!  
In addition to the sandwich mentioned above, Mike has made and we’ve all deemed the recipes worth keeping and making frequently:  fried chicken – it’s perfect! The leftovers, cold, are even better; coconut cake – I don’t consider myself a fan of cake and this was amazing (Mike did skip the Southern Comfort in the recipe, but I think it would be good either way); and finally, Moon Pies!!!  These were for Super Bowl dessert and they were amazing!  Next time, I think we’d make them a bit smaller, even for sugar-starved kids they’re rich.  Get cooking!!!!!  (Start with the chicken – it’s totally worth the effort.) 
I’ve been organizing and sorting and tossing stuff left and right since the New Year. It’s work and it’s tiresome, but ahhhh I love the feeling when I get up in the morning and everything is where it’s supposed to be and I’m not looking at stuff thinking “I should move this or get rid of it.”  In that spirit, we have a stupid cabinet that we bought when we remodeled the kitchen that I have always hated and it has never fit in with the living room.  It was always so BIG and so WHITE and nothing to do about it as it had that shiny IKEA finish to it.  Enter the Fusion spray paint.  I had Mike and the boys unload the unit and I spray painted it (3 coats) with the Hammered Finish Black.  Wow – it’s like the thing disappeared once we put it back into the living room.  I still don’t love it, but I no longer actively hate it.  
And then, Dan called. He listens to audio books all the time while he is riding to and from class, while he is washing dishes at his glamorous job and while he goes to sleep.  He and I listened to the first book of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series before he left for school.  I hated it.  But, Dan called and insisted I listen to book number 2.  Well, he’s read and listened to enough books that I INSISTED he read, so I got #2 from the library.  Ugh . . . I am hooked.  Usually, I listen to audio books while I’m doing laundry or gardening.  Well, I’m between both, so I am repainting my laundry area (any ideas for a mural behind the washer and dryer?).  I’m thinking I’m going to have to move to the porch and work on those walls before I finish the series.  :::sigh:::: Normal people just watch tv and go to bed, right?  

One AM is my new witching hour, so I’m off to bed.  Hope you all are happy and healthy and remind me to tell you about my involvement with the Haiti project next time.

3 thoughts on “46, huh?

  1. I don't do football at all, but did catch Madonna's halftime show.

    I'm in the middle of an organizing and cleaning project myself. Time consuming is an understatement. I'm listening to audiobooks while I clean too. Right now I'm on “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.” So good.

  2. God I wish I did not have to eat gluten free because that chicken looked good. I can make most things gluten free but some things just are not as good.

    Would love to hear about your garden. hint hint. The guy who wrote the Square Foot Gardening book will be at my library here in Clermont tomorrow evening. We are planning on going.

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