Haiti and the rest

My neighbor’s best friend works for a foundation that has just given money to a group that is going to build a fishery (and school and clinic and water source) for a village in Haiti.  Last month she went to check it out (before her organization started writing checks).  One of the things the people really wanted was church clothing, especially ties.  
MB now has over 800 ties and seven pallets of clothing. in bags and boxes.  I went over on Saturday morning to help start sort it out.  WOW!  MB asked a very small group of people to help with this project and I cannot believe how much stuff we all have just floating around that we’re not using and don’t care about that other people so need.  But, it does take organizing – it does no one anyone good to ship stuff that cannot be used – you know, like SKI PANTS in Haiti?  

Well, I finally have no little kids and I can leave my house on a regular basis AND I love organizing stuff.  Guess who’s in charge of organizing stuff?  Okay, don’t guess, it’s me.  I”m so excited.  I hope because all of this stuff is targeted at a specific village it will make a difference.  It will, right?  I feel guilty for having a “job” when I don’t need anything. 

2 thoughts on “Haiti and the rest

  1. Your talent is God's gift to you.

    What you do with it is your gift back to God.


    Glad you can use your gift, my friend.

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