Tuesday Mike Update

This morning was great.  Mike was started on a soft food diet.  You have never seen a man enjoy a plain bowl of Cream of Wheat so much in your life.  We talked to his “head” doctor before he put the order in for the “real” food.  Let’s just say I am not a fan of this doctor and I can say with absolute certainty he is no fan of mine.  Gah! (More later.)
But, the news is mostly good.  If Mike continues to tolerate food AND if his fever goes away, he might be discharged today (Wednesday) or tomorrow.  I will be thrilled to have him home again and so will the kids. It feels weird around here without him. I have some concerns about him coming home, but we’ll be following up soon with a GI and his regular doctor and I am trying to remain calm and positive.  (See my happy face?) Keep your fingers crossed that the fever is gone and Mike will be home snoring in his own bed this time tomorrow!
Before I go to bed, though, can we talk about weird? The first two nights Mike was in the hospital??? Both nights, a woman from the “Registration” (as in you’re registering to pay!) department came to visit him after I had left (and after Mike had had a generous dose of morphine).  She wanted to know how he planned to pay his bill.  Never mind that my name and number were on his white board of information as the primary contact . . . I’d come in the morning to find sticky notes asking for a check/credit card payment of $6000 (our family deductible).  I understand that they want to be paid. (Not that I could write a check on a random day in February for $6000, but we fully intend to meet our obligations.) Not only do we have a strong and expensive history of paying this hospital (we’re not wing-worthy, but maybe small-plaque-on-a-food-cart-worthy), do they really have to send someone in at 11 pm to ask the RILLY sick guy who is plugged into two outlets whose only possession is a hospital gown for payment??? Are things THAT bad? Is it me or does that seem weird?  I did get everything worked out this morning, but can I add another “GAH?”
In other news, Mike’s spirits are good.  He was thrilled when Danny called him this afternoon.  It’s so weird that Danny is calling Mike and not just here.  It’s not wrong, it’s just weird.  My parents have come out of their semi-retirement this week to help at the warehouse in Mike’s absence.  They’re awesome.  My mom came over to the hospital to sit with Mike and me this afternoon.  Ian and Tim had afternoon classes so they dropped Andy off at the hospital.  Mike mostly dozed while my mom and I talked about important things like Project Runway All Stars.  He perked up at seeing Andy and hanging out with him for a bit though.  
We left Mike to nap and my mom, Andy and I went to Steak and Shake for a very late lunch.  We all had big burgers, fries and milkshakes.  I don’t know how to explain it but if people could roll in their food while they eat, that’s what we were doing.  I dunno.  Something about all that unhealthy food washed away the hospital smells and feelings.  It was a great lunch! Don’t anyone mention it to Mike! I’m still kind of full.  
I have to get to bed.  Consider yourselves updated for now.  Thanks for the continued prayers and well wishes. 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Mike Update

  1. The person from the billing department who did that is out of line and I'd raise hell. You know, if you feel like it in your spare time.

    I'm glad things are looking up and very glad you posted to keep us updated.


  2. As soon as you can shift your focus from getting Mike home to setting things straight, I hope you will write the president of the hospital about Lady Registration. I'm sure the person in charge would appreciate knowing that it appears patient solvency trumps patient health in that institution. Fodder for a news story if I ever heard it. And, sorry…”Gah!” is not exactly how it's coming out in my head.

    Continued prayers for his recovery and your stamina. (((Bakers)))

  3. I'm so glad Mike is feeling better. I know y'all can't wait to have him home. Once he is home and settled in, you can set your lethal gaze on that Bitty from Registration. The NERVE!

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