First Day Home

We survived Mike’s first day at home! He’s alive and kicking as I type. Yay us.  Mike is not too thrilled with the soft food diet, but, oh well.  My job is to keep him out of the hospital and that’s what I’m going to do.  It’s only two weeks!  I made shephard’s pie and a lovely rice pudding with a fig newton crust tonight, maybe that’ll add some interest?  
Andy is sick.  I’m not sure if he has what Mike and I had a week or so ago (awful sore throat, cough, monster headache) or if he’s getting strep.  I figure I”ll know tomorrow when I check his throat.  Upside to Andy feeling rotten?  He’s keeping Mike company!  It’s weird how in sync the pair of them are.  After oatmeal and applesauce, they watched game shows all morning, napped, snacked, watched more bad television (I wasn’t in the room too much but I can tell you it was mind-numbingly boring), ate lunch and napped again.  I think they were both happy to have each other today.  (In case you haven’t picked up on it, once you’re out of the hospital, I am not the most sympathetic caregiver.)
Tomorrow?  Who knows – a lot will depend on whether Andy’s throat has big spots on it or not in the morning.  
Fun stuff?  While driving to pick Mike up at the hospital yesterday, I spotted what I thought were big, old wooden windows on someone’s curb with a little sign that said “FREE.”  I love how old windows look hanging on a wall.  I called Ian and Tim and asked them to go grab the windows.  When we got home, we learned they were much bigger than I had thought.  In fact, they’re French doors!  For free!  After however many years in this house, there is a possibility that with a little elbow grease, we might finally lose the nasty sliding door and have French doors leading out to the porch.  Okay, maybe fun is an exaggeration.  Still, Mike can measure everything safely and start thinking about the project.  Right????  Tape measures are kind of fun, huh?
Funny? Mike and my brother work together at the family business.  My parents help out on a very part-time basis.  With Mike being incapacitated,  my folks have been working full time.  When I called to let them all know that Mike was home and that he was cleared to work (with no lifting) on Monday, they laughed. I think it will be a bit longer until Mike is ready to go back full-time and they agree.  My mom called me last night to tell me that they were going to have a t-shirt made for Mike that said “If you see me lifting anything, please call 555-555-5555 IMMEDIATELY.”  Strangely, Mike did not find this as funny as I did.  
I think that’s about it for now.  I have more I want to ‘talk’ about, but it’s all going to have to wait. 

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