Sorry to disappear for so long.  All is well here.  Mike is doing well.  He’s back to work with no lifting and he’s still on the soft-food diet. That’s the nice thing about a family business, my brother and my parents are NOT going to let Mike tax himself.  They did let him make a small (under 10# ) delivery today to one of our long-time customers.  The customer met Mike at the door shouting “Don’t you DARE lift that!!!!”  LOL  Mike asked the guy if I had called him ahead of time.  Mike goes to the new GI doctor on Monday and hopefully we’ll have some kind of plan to work from after that.  (I’m not holding my breath, but I am trying to be optimistic.) 
The diet???  Who knew I use so many tomatoes when I cook? Too many, they’re on the restricted list!  For the first time in years and years I have bought (my Pittsburgh self wants to say “boughten”) bread (soft white – the kids are in fluffernutter heaven) and yogurt.) Weird, huh?  We only have another week with the soft foods and I think we can do it.  Tonight I wimped out and we had pancakes and salad for dinner.  Yeah, yum. Or not. 
I’m feeling kind of wishy-washy about all of this.  The “head” of Mike’s team of doctors was a total tool.  He marched in to Mike’s room not 12 hours after Mike had been admitted admonished the nurses in the room and told Mike he would have to stop “drinking the hard liquor and overeating the spicy food.”  Are you kidding me?  If you’ve read here for any time, you know I’m married to a Puritan. Hard liquor? Ummmm . . . no.  Beer – maybe one or two every now and then.  Overeating?  This is a man who can eat one (ONE) Oreo and be happy.  In the 26 years I have known Mike I have never ONCE seen him overeat anything!  
This doctor, I think, is maybe simply seeing too many patients every day (oh yeah, that’s his excuse for being rude to nurses and dismissing questions – I asked a question and he just turned away from me and never looked at me again for four days!).  He doesn’t take notes and based on the way his advice changed every single day, I’m thinking no one is taking notes for him.  I’m putting my faith in the GI doctor for now.  Cross your fingers he continues to pay attention to the details, you know, Mike’s file and history and factors that might actually matter?
I am trying very hard to remain rational.  I know in my head that what happened in 2004 is unlikely to happen again.  But, it’s still on my mind.  In my perfect world, Mike would be home drinking smooth smoothies made of rainbows and lollipops, wrapped in bubble wrap and happy to be doing that.  Strangely, my perfect world doesn’t exist.  For now, I’m trying to be as little of a nag as possible. I make the soft food.  Mike is leaving the house everyday, I can’t stop him from getting a giant char-broiled something.  I don’t think he’s doing that (yet), but it could happen.  In the meantime, I’m working on sleep and maintaining my own self.  I am not good at this, but I’m trying. 

Okay, that’s an update for now, right?  I’m off to bed.  Hope you all are doing well.

3 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. I have a LOT of experience being a patient advocate at hospitals. Next time be sure to drop me a line and we'll get that *ahem * doctor's attitude in check.

    Take care!

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